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Jimmy Henchman Indicted For Murder, Admits To Role In Tupac Shooting |Smoking Section| We Still Ain’t Found Sh*t: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Spaceballs |Film Drunk| 12 TV Stars Who Shouldn’t Have Received a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Before Bryan Cranston [...].


Scientists Find Bloggers and Online Buzz Are More Important to Movie Success Than Advertising

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Hey, listen up Hollywood, scientists have just used their science to prove how important bloggers are.


'Thank You, Hater!' Is The Song Of The Summer For Internet Trolls


Everyone who's created content for the internet knows that feeling.

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The 39 Headlines You Need to Become a Successful Video Game Blogger

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If you read a lot of gaming blogs, you soon realize there are only so many things to be written about video games.


Hey Fans of Internet on the Toilet — Scientists Manage to Make Wi-Fi 20 Times Faster

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Good news for all of you out there using wireless Internet (which is pretty much everyone under the age of 40 these days) -- Japanese scientists have found a way to make Wi-Fi over 20-times faster than the fastest current connections.

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From the "I Think I Had a Dream About This Once" File — Data Dressed as Spock

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So, Brent Spiner has a Ricky Gervais-style online series where he plays "himself" as a struggling actor trying to salvage his career.


Let Us Recreate Warner's Upcoming Dinosaur Movie With Pictures

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Deadline reports Warner Brothers has bought a pitch for a sci-fi action movie about "a rapidly evolving species of dinosaurs who attack modern Los Angeles.


Step Aside Cash-For-Gold, Now There's Wi-Fi For Dog Poo

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Now you're also a free Wi-Fi factory, little buddy.


Axe Cop to Chop Off Heads and Throw Uni-Babies for Fox


So, I'm assuming everyone on the planet's read Axe Cop by now.


Here Are A Bunch Of Dogs Getting Freaked Out By The 'Dexter' Theme Song

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HYST tipped us off to a few videos of dogs positively flipping out at the Dexter theme song.

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Net Effect — Has The Internet Made It Better or Worse to be a Gamer?

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So, as we established recently, I'm an old man who's been playing video games for a long time, and nothing's had as big an impact on gaming during the 25-years I've been at it as the Internet.

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Kanye West Game Challenges You To Keep Him Out Of His Zone


Kanye West is ripe for internet parody, whether it's turning his tweets into Tracy Jordan quotes or quoting him in the captions of New Yorker cartoons.


Skifcha The Dubstep Hipster Cat Is Your Friday Nightmare Fuel


The first video after the jump has garnered nearly a million views already, and why wouldn't it.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

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Internet Explorer crossing her eyes is an awesome touch.


These Guys Might Need a Bigger Hard Drive — Scientists Set New Internet Speed Record


Here's something to chew over as you watch your Torrent download bar fill in one slim sliver at a time -- researchers at Caltech and the University of Victoria have just set a new Internet speed record.


Cats Act Out Common HTTP Status Codes, Can Do Our Tech Support Anytime


Tomomi Imura (AKA "GirlieMac") stumbled upon something brilliant when she started posting her HTTP Status Cats on Flickr two days ago.

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