If Your 5 Favorite Memes Offered Online Degrees

The Internet is an idea engine, hooking hundreds of thousands of brains together in parallel, and then discovering that most of them have nothing better to do.


EveryTweet_Ever Is Aptly Named, Hilarious


When Joe Mande (comedian, "Look At This F--king Hipster" guy, and sometimes instigator of hilariously surreal Twitter arguments) introduced us to @EveryTweet_Ever, calling it "probably the only twitter account you need to follow," we knew it had to be good.

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Talk To Your Dovahkiin About Skyrim Hoarding Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Hoarding Disorder has found its way into Skyrim.


Meme Watch: X All The Y

"X all the Y" is a snowclone based on two panels of a comic by the adorable Allie Brosh.


Taco Cat, The Entire Internet Summed Up With One Comic, and Links

ABOVE: Living palindrome Taco Cat joins the Scarlett Johanssoning trend.


Meme Watch: Pug On A Slide Wins The Internet Today

Late yesterday afternoon Redditor urbanoize posted this harrowing evidence of his friend committing slide-based acts of torture upon a poor helpless pug.


This Video Is Internet.

VIDEO ABOVE: This video made by MAD aired on the Cartoon Network.


Meme Watch: Nope! Chuck Testa

If you haven't yet seen the commercial for Chuck Testa's taxidermy services at Ojai Valley Taxidermy, you need to get it together.


4Chan Recreates DC’s New 52 In MS Paint

When I happened upon an archived 4chan thread where several anonymous members drew the DC Comics covers of the New 52 using MS Paint, I knew I had to match the drawings to the #1 issue covers on which they were based.


Alleged Douchebag Accused Of Stealing Disabled Man’s Superman Collection Is Now In Jail


I'm sitting in a damn hospital bed with a gall bladder infection right now (which is probably why the Monday Rex in the previous post seemed apropos), so it was nice to see a story of things turning out right for a change.


The Internet Responds To Scarlett Johansson’s Nude Photos With Typical Class And Grace

In case you've been in a coma (welcome back, now go shave), two nude photos of Scarlett Johansson leaked due to a phone hacking and were posted at Reddit on Wednesday (and no, I'm not linking to them).


This Music Video Is You, Internet.


This video for the song "Hey Mister" by only the finest.


Meme Watch: Baby Godfather Sleeps With The Fishes That Dangle Above His Crib

[via] When we spotted a "Baby Godfather" image macro at Reddit a few days ago, we knew it was a meme we couldn't refuse.


Kitten Watches Nyan Cat, Internet Singularity Achieved

If you've been hanging out here for long, you know we like Nyan Cat and funny recursive stuff, so this video is in our wheelhouse.


Patton Oswalt on the DC Relaunch, His Plan To Wipe Out Third World Debt


We've written before about what a comics nerd Patton Oswalt is, so it comes as no surprise he commented on the DC relaunch in a long, awesome interview with the AV Club.


The Internet Responds To Hurricane Irene With Typical Class And Grace

Made by @Chrixeleon The internet responded as it always does to the prospect that a huge disaster might happen and then wasn't as large as expected: with photoshops and sarcasm.


Big Face Animal Shirts Ain’t Your Grandpappy’s Three Wolf Moon


The "Three Wolf Moon" phenomenon started at the end of 2008 when Brian Govern (possibly inspired by the lesser-known Born to Roam wolf shirt review thread from earlier that year) posted a hilarious Amazon review about the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt's mystical abilities to attract women.

#Jay Z

Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and Jay-Z Together At Last. Sort Of.

When we last caught up with BadLipReading , they were dubbing a Michael Bublé song with completely plausible lyrics.

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