An Interview With A Man In A Floor-Length Fur Coat Standing Outside A Porn Convention

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When you see a man in a captain's hat and a floor-length fur coat standing outside a porn convention, sometimes you just have to talk to him.


‘I Have A Lot Of Tricks, But I’m Not Your Dog': An Interview With AVN Awards Co-Host Alexis Texas

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Alexis Texas tells us what not to do if you ask to take her picture, and the difficulties of having sex with giant wings on.

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Talking With ‘Daria’ Creator Glenn Eichler On How Daria’s Witticisms Can Get You Through An Existential Crisis

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According to Daria's creator, Gleen Eichler, “Daria is long past her existential crisis," but she may be able to help you get through yours.


EXCLUSIVE: Mark Hamill Comes Clean About His 20-Year David Letterman Obsession

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Mark Hamill comes clean about his Letterman obsession in this exclusive outtake from "AND NOW... An Oral History of 'Late Night With David Letterman.'"


It’s Ladies Makin’ Comics About Death And Prom, And You Can Help!


The women of Graham Cracker Comics' Ladies' Night have created a second anthology combining death with prom.


UPROXX Interview: Kenny Loggins On ‘Archer,’ ‘Danger Zone,’ And TV Theme Songs

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We spoke to Kenny "DAAANNNGGGERRRR ZONNNEEEE" Loggins about being on "Archer."


INTERVIEW: ‘A Field In England’ Director Ben Wheatley Talks Haters And Doctor Who

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Ben Wheatley started as an animator and short filmmaker before doing viral videos (on purpose, not in an accidental and embarrassing way).


UPROXX Interview: Steve Little Of ‘Eastbound & Down’ Talks About Portraying TV’s Most Depraved Sidekick

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'Eastbound & Down' star Steve Little was nice enough to spend some time talking to us about the show and the evolution of his character, lowly, pathetic dork Stevie Janowski.


The With Leather Interview: ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper Talks About The Klondike Challenge And More

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Our friends at Klondike, along with Joel McHale, are currently taking some of our favorite celebrities and pop culture icons from the last 30 years and asking the question, “What would you do for a Klondike bar.


Interview: Actor Faran Tahir On Being The President Of ‘Elysium’

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Faran Tahir talks about 'Elysium' and what it takes to play the president of a satellite that doesn't exist.

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Serious Sam 3: An Interview with Croteam’s Roman Ribaric


On the heels of debuting the new trailer for "Serious Sam 3", we also had a short interview with developer Croteam's CEO, Roman Ribaric.


The Misadventures of a Newbie Superhero Girl

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Faith Erin Hicks is a webcomics veteran, the creator behind Demonology 101 and Ice.


Billy West on the Return of “Futurama,” Trolls and Jurassic Bark

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You probably don't recognize Billy West but if you've watched cartoons in the last 15 years you almost certainly know his voice.


HijiNKS ENSUE: A Geek Culture Comic That Loves You Back


In a world filled with webcomics still debating whether Han shot first, HijiNKS Ensue stands out as a unique, smart and uproarious comment on geek culture.


Split Lip – Horror Stories from an Indifferent Universe

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Split Lip is a horror anthology webcomic in the tradition of Creepy and Tales from the Crypt.


Winona Ryder Does Not Use Internet, Is Not A Member of Al Qaeda (Video)

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Oh Winona Ryder, there once was a time that I would have blindly and unapologetically followed you into the fiery depths of Mordor.


Mario Chalmers Talks Michael Beasley, Allen Iverson Rumors and Miami Heat

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In just his first season, Mario Chalmers proved he could make the transition from March Madness hero to a solid NBA player.


Video: Lady Gaga Doesn’t Want You

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