UPROXX Interview: Tracy Morgan Would Like To Serve Obama A ‘Public School Lunch’

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Tracy Morgan, who has a new comedy special airing on Comedy Central this coming Sunday night, was nice enough to talk to us recently.


Andrew Garfield Thinks He’s Playing Jesus In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′

By | 17 Comments

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' will get heavy-handed, apparently.


Duke Porn Star Belle Knox Answers All The Obvious Questions In A New Interview


Duke porn star Belle Knox opens up about the important things in her life. Like the weirdest place she's had sex!

new orleans

UPROXX Interview: Hannibal Buress Tells Us All About His Failed Schemes To Get Airtime At 'SNL'

By | 30 Comments

We spoke to Hannibal Buress about his new standup special, working on SNL & 30 Rock, his career and his love for New Orleans, among other things.

#video games

Interview: Sucker Punch's Billy Harper On 'inFamous: Second Son


Sucker Punch's animation director, Billy Harper, weighs in on 'inFamous: Second Son.'


Josh Homme On His 'F*ck The Grammys' Comment: 'I Was Really Drunk'

By | 4 Comments

Josh Homme seems to have calmed down a little since proclaiming his distaste for the Grammys and Imagine Dragons at a recent show in Houston.

awkward interviews

Take A Moment To Enjoy Birdman's Brutal Handshake And Magical Interview Skills

By | 6 Comments

Chris Birdman Andersen is a Sons of Anarchy character come to life and in this postgame chat, he simultaneously reaches new levels of wonderful and awkward.


The Dugout: Ken Griffey Jr. Is Great At Interviews

By | 23 Comments

Ken Griffey Jr gives great interviews about baseball cards. On today's The Dugout, the Kid speaks candidly with Linda Cohn, a woman he does not super hate.

UPROXX Interview: Kenny Loggins On ‘Archer,’ ‘Danger Zone,’ And TV Theme Songs

By | 22 Comments

We spoke to Kenny "DAAANNNGGGERRRR ZONNNEEEE" Loggins about being on "Archer."

charles halford

UPROXX Interview: Charles Halford From ‘True Detective’ On Playing Reggie Ledoux, Meeting Richard Simmons

By | 42 Comments

Charles Halford, the actor who portrayed Reggie Ledoux on True Detective, was nice enough to spend some time chatting with us. He has a Richard Simmons story to end all Richard Simmons stories.

blank on blank

‘Just Call Me Helium’: Jimi Hendrix’s Final Interview Gets Animated Beautifully

By | 2 Comments

"If things get too heavy, just call me helium, the lightest known gas to man."

aliens vs. parker

UPROXX Interview: Paul Scheer & Nick Giovannetti Discuss Writing Their First Comic, ‘Aliens Vs. Parker’


'Aliens Vs. Parker' ask what would happen to space mailmen if they had to fight giant-donged aliens. Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti explain the madness.


INTERVIEW: Talking Wings On Super Bowl Week With The Director Of ‘The Great Chicken Wing Hunt’

By | 29 Comments

On the eve of the Super Bowl, The Great Chicken Wing hunt director Matt Reynolds explains everything you need to know about cooking Buffalo wings (baked or fried) and living in Slovakia.


Comics Of Note, January 29th

By | 17 Comments

This week's comics are a bit light, but there's plenty of great stuff on the stands.


Check Out The Erotic Bests From The Interview With The Stay-At-Home Mom Who Writes Bigfoot Porn

By | 7 Comments

Come and pick the brain of the stay-at-home mom that took the Internet by storm by writing Bigfoot porn all the way to the bank.


Kate Gosselin And Her Daughters Delivered The Most Awkward Interview Of The Day

By | 23 Comments

On this morning's edition of 'Today,' Kate Gosselin's daughters looked like they would have rather been anywhere else on the planet than with her.


Jay Z Did An Interview In 1997 Sitting Next To Two Women Engaged In Oral Sex

By | 3 Comments

Jay Z better turn off Beyoncé’s Google Alert for him; otherwise, she’s gonna be in for quite the surprise.


‘Archer’ Exclusive Part II: EP Matt Thompson On Season 5 Guest Stars And Pam’s Evolving Role

By | 23 Comments

Exclusive details on guest stars and Pam's new Archer Season 5 role in part two of our interview with Executive Producer Matt Thompson.


‘Archer’ Exclusive: Executive Producer Matt Thompson Reveals All On Season 5′s ‘Radical Departure’

By | 69 Comments

Archer Executive Producer Matt Thompson gives UPROXX an exclusive look into all the radical changes coming in Archer Season 5.

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