The ‘Coolest’ Cooler Is Now The Most Successful Project In Kickstarter History

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Inventor Ryan Grepper's 'The Coolest' collected more than $13.2 million on Kickstarter to become the site's most successful project.


Newsweek Tracked Down And Unmasked Bitcoin’s Inventor

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The man who invented Bitcoin might have just finally been revealed.


Doug Engelbart, Inventor Of The Mouse, Has Passed Away At Age 88

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An icon in the field of the development of modern computers and the inventor of the mouse, Doug Engelbart passed away last night at the age of 88.


Obama’s Former Campaign Tech Team Weighed In On The Great GIF Debate

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At the Webby Awards ceremony last night, President Obama's former campaign CTO Harper Reed and others weighed in on the great GIF pronunciation debate.


Steve Wilhite, Inventor Of The GIF, Tries To Put An End To The Great Pronunciation Debate, But Fails

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As he accepts a lifetime achievement award at the Webby Awards tonight, GIF creator Steve Wilhite told the NY Times the actual pronunciation of GIF.

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Meet Ralph Baer, The Inventor Of The Video Game

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Did you know that Ralph Baer invented the video game console? Well you should! And he's still inventing things at 90 years old!


The Screw-In Coffin


Donald Scruggs knows being buried vertically in a coffin that screws into the ground is not for everyone.

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