The Feud You Didn't Ask For: Jason Biggs Vs. Jason Russell (the naked Kony guy)


I guess if you’re going to try to get free press for your first relevant movie in four years, there’s no better way to do it than kicking a naked man while he’s down.

jason russell

Jason Russell's Wife Really Wants You To Know That An Overdose Of Haterade Caused Her Husband's Meltdown


Jason Russell's wife Danica really wants to keep all of us updated on the state of her public drunken masturbating husband -- specifically she would like to reiterate that it all had NOTHING TO DO WITH DRUGS OR ALCOHOL, probably because the donations to Invisible Children are waning significantly, and EVERYTHING TO DO WITH HATERS HATIN'.


Meme Watch: The Internet Turns #Kony2012 Into A Cringe Humor Meme In Record Time


You've probably been reading "KONY 2012" and similar slogans this week after a video posted by a questionable charity brought scrutiny to legitimately terrible warlord Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army.

ugandan warlords

What The Hell Is All This '#Kony2012' Crap About?


Yesterday I, like many of you probably did, woke up to find my Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook feeds filled with the word "Kony.

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