This App Kills ‘Vertical Video Syndrome’ So You Can Stop Punching Strangers

By | 2 Comments

Someone has finally come up with a solution for the dreaded Vertical Video Syndrome (people holding their camera the wrong way).


PSA: iOS 7 Is Out, And You Should Update To It

By | 17 Comments

iOS 7 is probably the best thing Apple's made all year... and now you can finally get your hands on it.


The iPhone 5c Is The iPhone 5 In A Plastic Candy Shell (And Other Takeaways From Today’s Apple Event)

By | 16 Comments

We finally know when we can use iOS 7. Oh, and also there's something about Apple's new iPhones.


iOS 7 Hands-On: Different On The Outside, Not On The Inside

By | 4 Comments

A day with iOS 7 reveals that most of what's changed is cosmetic. There are, however, a few improvements under the hood.

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