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‘Price Is Right’ Contestants Have No Idea How Much An iPhone Costs

By | 12 Comments

While we all my scoff, there is a level of innocence and purity to not knowing the price of an iPhone, which this woman clearly does not.


Watch This Grandma’s Family Trick Her Into Opening A Chocolate iPhone On Christmas


This family plays a MEAN, MEAN prank on their grandma on Christmas morning!

iPod Classic

The Discontinued iPod Classic Is Suddenly Selling For A Lot Of Money Online

By | 12 Comments

A funny thing happened on the Apple iPod Classic's way toward the techno-bone yard: it got real popular and it's selling for a ton.

iphone 6

An Arizona Man’s iPhone 6 ‘Exploded’ In His Pocket And Set His Pants On Fire

By | 9 Comments

After a bumpy rickshaw ride, an Arizona man's iPhone 6 caught fire in his pocket, burning a hole in his pants leg and leaving him wounded.


SHOTS FIRED: Samsung Just Tweeted A Brutal Jab At Apple’s Bendy iPhone 6 Plus

By | 81 Comments

Samsung took a brutal Twitter jab at Apple's iPhone 6 Plus, which has a tendency to bend easily.


I Think We All Know Why Kelly Ripa Ended Up With The Extra Large iPhone 6

By | 4 Comments

Turns out that when you tell Kelly Ripa she can't handle the size of something, she's going to try and prove you wrong.


4Chan Managed To Troll iPhone Users Once Again With The Introduction Of ‘Wave’

By | 10 Comments

Last time they told users than an app could make their phone waterproof. This time it's all about charging phones in the microwave.

#Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers’ Facebook Posts From The Afterlife Are About The iPhone 6

By | 7 Comments

Joan Rivers' death isn't getting in the way of her career as a pitchwoman thanks to this pre-scheduled Facebook post about the iPhone 6.

iphone 6

Does This Leaked iPhone 6 Guide Confirm The Launch Date?


We might have some more confirmation of the iPhone 6's arrival date.


Watch As These Doctors Remove A Smartphone Trapped In This Man’s Mouth

By | 6 Comments

This guy either had some trouble finding a pocket or he's the closest talker of all time.

#video games

If ‘Watch Dogs’ Were Real You’d Definitely Want To Invest In A Good Smartphone Case


Machinima explores the reasons you probably wouldn't want to make a smartphone your main weapon.


WhatsApplebee’s Is The New iPhone App That Is So Dumb You’ll Believe It’s Real

By | 5 Comments

Created as a joke, WhatsApplebee's is still a real social networking app that people can use to meet other Applebee's diners.


Some Horrible People Are Scamming Homeless People Into Buying iPhones

By | 12 Comments

Some truly horrible people in Denver are scamming homeless people into buying iPhones.


The Guys From Fall Out Boy Are Bringing You ‘Fall Out Bird’ Because Enough Already


The guys from Fall Out Boy have designed 'Fall Out Bird' to fill the void left by the demise of the annoyingly difficult Flappy Bird.


‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Dong Nguyen Gives An Interview As Strange As His Game Was

By | 10 Comments

'Flappy Bird' creator says he removed the game because it was "an addictive product". (Plus our favorite 'Flappy Bird' parodies)

#video games

Somebody Remade ‘Flappy Bird’ In Under An Hour Flat


Mourning the loss of Flappy Bird? Don't worry, it can be remade in around an hour...


Here’s How You Can Still Get Flappy Bird (For Only $1,500)

By | 7 Comments

Here's how you can still play Flappy Bird. For the low, low price of $1,500.


California Wants To Add A Stupid Kill Switch To Your Phone

By | 16 Comments

Governments love the idea of making your smartphone more vulnerable with a kill switch, and California is going to try and make it the law.


Middle School Girl’s iPhone Catches Fire In Pocket, Igniting Pants And Causing Second-Degree Burns

By | 7 Comments

Is that a smoldering iPhone 5C in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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