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The Guys From Fall Out Boy Are Bringing You ‘Fall Out Bird’ Because Enough Already


The guys from Fall Out Boy have designed 'Fall Out Bird' to fill the void left by the demise of the annoyingly difficult Flappy Bird.


‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Dong Nguyen Gives An Interview As Strange As His Game Was

By | 10 Comments

'Flappy Bird' creator says he removed the game because it was "an addictive product". (Plus our favorite 'Flappy Bird' parodies)


Somebody Remade ‘Flappy Bird’ In Under An Hour Flat


Mourning the loss of Flappy Bird? Don't worry, it can be remade in around an hour...


Here’s How You Can Still Get Flappy Bird (For Only $1,500)

By | 7 Comments

Here's how you can still play Flappy Bird. For the low, low price of $1,500.


California Wants To Add A Stupid Kill Switch To Your Phone

By | 16 Comments

Governments love the idea of making your smartphone more vulnerable with a kill switch, and California is going to try and make it the law.


Middle School Girl’s iPhone Catches Fire In Pocket, Igniting Pants And Causing Second-Degree Burns

By | 7 Comments

Is that a smoldering iPhone 5C in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


6 Smartphone Apps Nintendo Needs To Start Working On Now

By | 4 Comments

Nintendo is going start making apps for smartphones. Here's a few ideas they should be looking into...


This App Kills ‘Vertical Video Syndrome’ So You Can Stop Punching Strangers

By | 2 Comments

Someone has finally come up with a solution for the dreaded Vertical Video Syndrome (people holding their camera the wrong way).

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The U.S. Postal Service Finally Joins The Twenty-First Century

By | 5 Comments

Sick of the lines at the post office? They're finally discovering technology to solve that problem.

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This Woman Spent 2013 Recreating The Selfies Of The Mustachioed Stranger Who Has Her Long Lost iPhone

By | 37 Comments

If you're going to take ridiculous selfies with an iPhone that isn't yours, you might want to check the iCloud settings first.


Here’s The ‘Hilarious’ iPhone Cookie Prank That ‘Blew Up’ In A Comedian’s Face

By | 17 Comments

Comedian Randy Liedtke claimed that he made some iPhone cookies to screw with cops and it blew up in his face. So should we believe the admitted prankster?


Here’s Your ‘People Unlocking The iPhone 5s In Wacky Ways’ Roundup

By | 5 Comments

Let's watch people squish their fleshy bits against the iPhone 5s!


A One-Off ‘Simpsons’ Joke Helped Design The iPhone

By | 25 Comments

Were it not for "Eat Up, Martha," the iPhone might look very different.


PSA: iOS 7 Is Out, And You Should Update To It

By | 17 Comments

iOS 7 is probably the best thing Apple's made all year... and now you can finally get your hands on it.


No, You Shouldn’t Buy An iPhone 5S

By | 9 Comments

The iPhone 5S is gorgeous and advanced. The iPhone 5c is a minor upgrade to the great iPhone 5. And you shouldn't buy either. Here's why.


Apple Will Be Unveiling The iPhone 5c Tomorrow, But What Will It Cost?


The iPhone 5c has been a poorly kept secret... except for the price. We offer an educated guess at what Apple will be charging.

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John McCain Played Poker On His iPhone During Yesterday’s Syria Hearing

By | 27 Comments

Oh hey did you hear we're probably going to be going to war with Syria soon? And John McCain is obviously taking it quite seriously!


This Leaked Video Of The New iPhone 5S Kinda Reminds Us Of Porn


Is it the editing? Is it the bad music? Is the absolutely ridiculous amount of camera flashes? Is it the way the camera pans across the phones in slow motion? Is it all of the hands?


Why The Gold iPhone Is An Ominous Sign From Apple

By | 12 Comments

The gold iPhone is a sign that Apple doesn't have anything innovative on the way for at least another year. And that's a problem.

iphone 5s

So There’s Gonna Be A Gold iPhone

By | 7 Comments

You want to touch it. You want to hold it. It's the golden iPhone.

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