Apple Allegedly Deleted Your Songs Off Your iPod If They Didn’t Come From iTunes

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Apple, according to a new lawsuit, may have deleted songs off your iPod... and never told you about it.


Music Played On iPods Awakens Brains Damaged By Alzheimer’s


Just about everyone has had an experience where hearing a song for the first time in a long time will transport them to another place and time, recalling memories so vivid that it actually feels like they're there again, if only for a moment.

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10 Terrible Pieces of Merchandise Angry Birds is Pushing Its Luck With This Christmas


I'm starting to get more than a bit tired of seeing Angry Birds everywhere.


Pop Didn’t Eat Itself: Why Piracy Didn’t Destroy the Music Industry

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It's a jolting figure: the US music industry is making less than half of what it made at its 1999 peak of $14.


Apple Is Killing The iPod, And Good Riddance

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Hey, remember when the iPod was hip and with it.


iPod Magic Is Actually Pretty Awesome


Speaking as a juggler, and thus a huge nerd, this guy is a huge nerd.


Tis The Season To… Stick ‘Em Up?


The holidays are a tough time for some people, and unfortunately that brings out the worst in them.


Does Giving Away Free Music Downloads Fight Piracy?


The European Commission has approved France's "Carte Musique" program, which will allow French 12 to 25 year olds buy one €50 music download gift card per year for the reduced price of €25.


It’s A Miracle And No One Cares

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The iPod for Generation Y is like the Walkman times a hundred, thousand trillion.


9.17 The Cooler

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As Sexy As Azaylia Sen Patrick Swayze's Influence On Hip Hop [URB] Michael Jordan: The Art of Hangtime [Hoop Doctors] Obama's Student Loan Plan: A Government Takeover Few Can Argue With [Time] Measure To Let Guns On Amtrak Passes Senate [CNN] Fantasy Football: Waiver Watch [Gridiron Experts] The New iPod Touch Really Is About 50% Faster.


9.10 The Cooler

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Challedon Saltor.


Something Old, Something New…

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Contexture Design gutted a few old cassette tapes & made them carrying cases for your iPod Nano.


How To Piss On A Good Moment…

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I hopped out of bed this morning and my swag was on.


6.2 The Cooler

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Titillating Tuesdays With Eve Cee-Lo, Justice, Little Boots Signed To Reborn Elektra Label [Billboard] New Gadget Will Synchronize Your iPhone Or iPod Wirelessly [Gizmodo] Who's Your Daddy, Stephen Curry? [TSB] How to Date a Porn Star, With Lana Cox [Coed] 10 Classic Video Moments Of [...].


5.29 The Cooler

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PFF x Nefertiti Nothing Can Kill The iPod, Not Even The Zune HD [The Life Files] Prison Guard Knocked Up By Inmate, Arrested For Rape [BoH] Jay-Z And Eminem Spin A Musical Game Out Of 'DJ Hero' [USA Today] Wu-Note Project Improves Hip-Hop Classics [...].


4.14 The Cooler

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Blow your whistle.


“Keep Your Zunes & Sansas” – 100% Of Teens Want An iPod

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Click To Enlarge You ridicule the idea of paying for mp3s, you rebels you.

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