Oh, Gee, Is Facebook's Stock Tanking? YOU DON'T SAY!

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<a href=""></a>Really.


So You Want In On The Facebook IPO, Eh? HAHAHAHA!

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Let me open this post by saying this: America is still a place where most people can become anything they can dream of becoming.


Facebook’s IPO Flameout Coming May 17th

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<a href=""></a>Pride goeth before a fall, something we're pretty sure Facebook will learn the hard way when its IPO debuts, because they want to raise <a href=";cnetRiver">more than twice what Google put together for their IPO.</a> One teeny, tiny, microscopic problem: Facebook isn't worth nearly as much as Google.


Yes, Facebook Is Filing For An IPO

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<a href=""></a>Starting what will be either the greatest modern American story of greed, or the Zuckerbeast finally meeting his Waterloo, <a href="">Facebook filed for an IPO yesterday</a>.


Zynga Stock Tanks On IPO Day


Typically, I'm pretty good at intuitively knowing whether or not something -- a new product or service, etc.

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