Twitter Has Helpfully And Hilariously Decided That Its IPO Is Worth $1.8 Billion


Twitter's IPO is officially worth $1.8 billion. Suuuuuuure it is.


So You Want In On The Facebook IPO, Eh? HAHAHAHA!


Let me open this post by saying this: America is still a place where most people can become anything they can dream of becoming.


Facebook’s IPO Flameout Coming May 17th


Pride goeth before a fall, something we're pretty sure Facebook will learn the hard way when its IPO debuts, because they want to raise more than twice what Google put together for their IPO. One teeny, tiny, microscopic problem: Facebook isn't worth nearly as much as Google.


Yes, Facebook Is Filing For An IPO


Starting what will be either the greatest modern American story of greed, or the Zuckerbeast finally meeting his Waterloo, Facebook filed for an IPO yesterday.


Zynga Stock Tanks On IPO Day

Typically, I'm pretty good at intuitively knowing whether or not something -- a new product or service, etc.

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