And Now The One Second Tapout, The Fastest Loss In MMA History

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Want to see somebody who is great at MMA? Here's a guy tapping out to nothing one second into a fight.


Watch This Kid Get His Tooth Pulled Out By A Quadcopter In The Happiest Tooth Extraction Video Ever


Malcolm Swan attaches the loose tooth of his son, Adam, to an RC helicopter and sends it into orbit.


This Cover Of ‘I’ll Be There For You’ Will Make You Long For ‘Friends’

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Three unknown Irish guys are becoming viral hitmakers with this melodic cover of 'I'll Be There For You,' the theme song from 'Friends.'


An Irish Man Suffered A Five-Week Erection After A Mountain Bike Crash

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According to a report in the Irish Medical Journal, a man was treated for a severe, 5-week erection after he was injured in a mountain bike accident.

A Year-Long Chess Match In Ireland Ended In Brutal Cannibalism

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Chess proves to be a dangerous game for those involved as you can tell with this game in Ireland that ended in murder and cannibalism.

Northern Ireland Is Just Like ‘Game Of Thrones,’ Says Ireland Tourism Official

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Northern Ireland's new tourism strategy: "Game of Thrones" and golf.

class warfare

Sweaty? Too Rich To Care? Wipe Your Face With A Fifty Dollar Bill

By | 10 Comments

Feeling poor? Watch this rich a-hole at Ireland's Galway Races wipe his face off with a fifty dollar bill.

baby names

Hurry Up And Get Your Bets In For Kim Kardashian’s Baby’s Name Before It’s Leaked

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While one outlet is reporting that Kim Kardashian's baby's name is Kai, online bookmakers are still offering odds on a variety of names, including "Kim".


Awesome Audience Guy Quickly Becoming A Meme

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Something amazing happened during The Saturday Night Show hosted by Brendan O'Connor, which marks the first time anything amazing has happened on that show.


Seven of Nine, No!


Happy Star Wars Day.


Just The Thing That Boxing Needed: Snooki

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If the heads of the World Boxing Council, Federation and Association were looking for something that could recapture the public’s fascination and fanfare of their corrupt sport, I’m not sure this latest bit of boxing news is going to do the trick.


The Best And Most Ridiculous Of The 2011 Guinness World Records Day

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For the seventh year in a row, people all over the world gathered to perform ridiculous tasks and insane stunts for the sake of getting their names in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Fat Guy Can’t Handle The Pressure Of Being The Internet’s Next Top Model


Roland Bunce, a ginger 24-year-old computer science graduate from Belfast, entered himself in the UK's <a href="">The Next Model 2011</a> contest last month as a gag.


Who Smurfed It Best? Pictures from Global Smurfs Day

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On Saturday, thousands of people gathered in 11 cities across the planet to celebrate the birth of Peyo, the man who gave us the Smurfs, for Global Smurfs Day 2011.


The World’s Largest Gathering Of Where’s Waldo Enthusiasts Happened

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The past two weeks have been a heated, troubling time for thousands of people around the world.


Finding Things With The Links


There's still time to enter the Hipster Puppies giveaway.


Look At This Dog


Dog News After multiple recovery attempts, the Japanese coast guard has successfully rescued the dog seen above.

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