The Best And Most Ridiculous Of The 2011 Guinness World Records Day

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For the seventh year in a row, people all over the world gathered to perform ridiculous tasks and insane stunts for the sake of getting their names in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Fat Guy Can’t Handle The Pressure Of Being The Internet’s Next Top Model


Roland Bunce, a ginger 24-year-old computer science graduate from Belfast, entered himself in the UK's The Next Model 2011 contest last month as a gag.


Who Smurfed It Best? Pictures from Global Smurfs Day

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On Saturday, thousands of people gathered in 11 cities across the planet to celebrate the birth of Peyo, the man who gave us the Smurfs, for Global Smurfs Day 2011.

Where's Waldo

The World’s Largest Gathering Of Where’s Waldo Enthusiasts Happened

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The past two weeks have been a heated, troubling time for thousands of people around the world.


Finding Things With The Links


There's still time to enter the Hipster Puppies giveaway.


Look At This Dog


Dog News After multiple recovery attempts, the Japanese coast guard has successfully rescued the dog seen above.


Week In Review: Twitter Lessons, Stripper Poles And More Rebecca Black


One of the things that social media and networking sites teach us regularly is that no matter how secure we think our personal information is, it's not.


Greatest Football Game Ever? You Bet

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According to scraps of details I've put together in the hour or so that I've been researching this video's origin, this football match between Australia and Ireland took place in 2004 and is played under "compromised rules" which is different than the standard international rules.


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day (and Links)


50 Animals Ready To Rally For St.


What Are You Willing To Do For Some Chicken Wings?


Weird News, American Style All the great news stories should start with the subtitle, "Police find back door open, marinara sauce on wall".


Epic Pissed Off Irishman

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This may not be an actual TV clip, but this interview with an Irishman who works in finance was one of the highlights of my weekend (in fairness, my weekend was not that exciting).


Today’s Top Story: Woman Flashes Breasts To Rob Very Happy Victim

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Another robber has taken a sticky page from the topless girls who robbed ATM customers in Paris.


Who Wants To Read About Nudity And Drugs?


Someone at TSA set the "My First Cavity Search" fake kid's book as their desktop photo.


What’s Facebook’s Big Announcement? And Will This Get Sexy?


Let me start by saying the answer to the second question is an emphatic yes, but first let's talk about Facebook's big thingy.


An Own Goal That Was Twice As Painful

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What's worse than scoring on your own goal.


Heroic Feats Of Engineering And Toplessness

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Wired Magazine is keeping it classy this month with their cover story on regrowing fatty breast tissue using a mastectomy patient's own stem cells, and if you didn't notice the cover in the picture above, check your pulse because you may be dead.



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QuietEarth posted a review and a "fist teaser" (I must know what this is) for Zonad last week, and I've been waiting for the trailer since.



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Three guys shot a documentary surfing off the largely-uncharted west coast of Ireland, which is kind of amazing, because I thought the only thing you needed to impress girls in Ireland was a full pint glass and a general sense of belligerence.

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