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The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw Old School 1/6/14: Solid Snake

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The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for January 6, 2014. This one's an 'old school' Raw featuring a CM Punk vs. Roman Reigns main-event and wait, Jake The Snake?


ConservoTax: Tax Software For Republicans


There's no reason to fear the liberal eyes of the IRS when you’ve got ConservoTax.


Lauryn Hill Paid Off Her Tax Debt In A Mysterious, Bizarre Way. Naturally.

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Lauryn Hill paid off her $900,000 tax debt, but there are still so many questions about how it happened.

Sci Fi

Who Says Accountants Are No Fun? Check Out This Awful IRS ‘Star Trek’ Parody


The IRS is in the terrible parody business now apparently...


Nick Diaz Probably Retired So He Could Go To Prison

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On Saturday night, Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz, for the lack of a much better term, gave us a very disappointing finale to their courtship of craziness over the past several months.

Lindsay Lohan Paid Off The IRS With A Loan From Charlie Sheen, As One Does

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Lindsay Lohan has started paying off her quarter million dollar tax debt thanks to a $100,000 personal loan from Charlie Sheen.


Will Nic Cage’s Copy Of Action Comics #1 Break The Record?

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Back in 2000, three rare comic books (including a very high grade copy of Action Comics #1) were stolen out of high security picture frames in Nicolas Cage's home around the same time he was throwing a party (an awesome party, apparently).


Christian Lopez Is Making New Friends

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Since being the man to scoop up Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit last Saturday, Christian Lopez has become a baseball sensation because of his good fortune, great attitude, and ultimately how he’s being screwed over by the IRS.


Want More Bad News, Rich People?


Yesterday, my Uproxxian cohort Dan Seitz brought you the news that millionaires don’t consider themselves rich unless they have at least $7.


How Excited Are You For Tax Season?


If you’re like me, you’re incredibly handsome and you have abs that were sculpted by lasers made by six different gods.

Mo Money Mo Problems

Reggie Bush Might Owe The IRS Money

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As the University of Southern California football program has recently received a two-year postseason ban, the forfeiture of three seasons worth of victories, and the loss of 30 scholarships, the focus of what started as a NCAA investigation will now turn to the source – Reggie Bush.


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Not content with fucking over enough poker players by passing legislation that amounted to an online poker ban in 2006, the United States government is <a href="">requiring casinos to report the winnings and information</a> of players that finish in the money to the IRS.

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