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The Wire’s Clay Davis Wants To Teach You How To Pronounce ‘Sheeeeeeeeeit’ Properly

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The man who played The Wire's dirty senator wants to teach serious actors how to say his legendary catchphrase.


Repost: Review of Cedar Rapids

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I'm reposting the review of Cedar Rapids I originally wrote at Sundance, now that it's in theaters (at least in <a href="">these cities</a>).


The Wire’s Clay Davis Talks “Sheeeeeeeit”

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<a href=""> Sure, we could have included Isiah Whitlock Jr's government name in the title, but it wouldn't have resonated as heavily. Fact is the man will forever be Clay Davis, the notoriously crooked politician from HBO's <a href="">The Wire</a>, and "sheeeeeiit" will be the first thing that rolls off the tongue when he's mentioned.


The Wire’s Isiah Whitlock Jr. on the enduring legacy of “Sheeeeeeeit.”

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Yesterday at Sundance, during roundtable interviews for Cedar Rapids (another solid comedy from Miguel Arteta, review to come), I got the chance to talk to veteran character actor Isiah Whitlock Jr.

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