call of duty

The New Yorker Thinks ‘Call Of Duty’ Will Make You A Terrorist

By | 10 Comments

An otherwise great piece on video games, culture, and terrorism ends on an unfortunately dumb note.

evil pricks

ISIS Is Now Threatening To Assassinate Twitter Employees For Suspending Their Accounts

By | 7 Comments

Not content with beheading journalists, ISIS is now threatening to murder Twitter employees.


The Westboro Baptist Church Accepted An Offer To Travel To Iraq And Protest ISIS

By | 10 Comments

The Westboro Baptist Church accepted an offer to protest ISIS in Iraq, but charity won out over hate.


Facebook Is Deleting Any Account That Promotes Or Tries To Sell ISIS Merchandise

By | 9 Comments

As the sale of ISIS merchandise online is on the rise, Facebook is cracking down by deleting accounts that promote retailers.

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