The Pittsburgh Pirates Have Spoken Out Against An ISIS Member’s Hat Choice

By | 8 Comments

The Pittsburgh Pirates and their fans are understandably upset to see an ISIS member wearing one of their hats.


Meet The Florida Man Who Dropped Everything To Travel To Syria And Battle ISIS

By | 13 Comments

Dean Parker was just your normal Floridian, surfing in West Palm Beach. That was until he decided to travel and join the fight against ISIS.


The Latest Weapon Employed By ISIS In Syria Is A Texas Plumber’s Old Truck

By | 15 Comments

Sold in 2013, the truck somehow made it overseas and joined the fighting in Syria. Globalization is weird.

#The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Says Millennials Could Be Our Greatest Weapon Against ISIS

By | 12 Comments

Jon Stewart poses the question of whether or not the stereotypical laziness of millenials could be what takes down ISIS from the inside.


These ISIS Pancake Recipes Want To Add An Extra Kick To Your Morning Cup Of Jihad

By | 5 Comments

The Terrorist group's propaganda campaign targets Muslim females with good ol' homely instruction.


Has Controversy Killed Louis C.K.’s Twitter Account?

By | 32 Comments

Did comedian Louis C.K. delete his Twitter account because of his recent ISIS rant or is it a sign of a larger issue with Twitter?

Pit Bull

A Connecticut Man Allegedly Raped A Pit Bull Because ISIS Told Him To

By | 6 Comments

A Connecticut man is lucky to be alive after a woman armed with a shotgun and a candle found him allegedly raping her pit bull.


The ‘Downton Abbey’ Labrador Named ‘Isis’ Might Be Headed To Doggie Heaven

By | 5 Comments

Just your friendly reminder that the dog on 'Downton Abbey' is still named 'Isis.' *tugs collar uncomfortably*

geraldo rivera

Shirtless Geraldo Rivera Is Here To Teach Us All About The Real Benghazi

By | 5 Comments

Geraldo Rivera is posing shirtless on Twitter again, you're all very welcome.


‘Archer’ Has Dumped The Name ISIS From Its Spy Agency For Obvious Reasons

By | 35 Comments

The creators of 'Archer' will give the name a quiet exit from the show after the rise of a certain real world group with the same name.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

By | 4 Comments

It's that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing cosplay we've spotted recently. Some sexy, some funny, some cute, and some awesome.


Stephen Colbert Responds To Bill O’Reilly’s Tirade Over Colbert Making Fun Of His ISIS Plan

By | 8 Comments

Stephen Colbert has responded to Bill O'Reilly calling him a stupid person and it's everything you thought it could be and more.

bill o'reilly

Bill O’Reilly Is PISSED That Stephen Colbert Mocked His Plan To Use A Mercenary Army To Fight ISIS

By | 73 Comments

Bill O'Reilly had the perfect idea for taking out those ISIS boneheads until Stephen Colbert came along and pointed out, you know, logic.

call of duty

The New Yorker Thinks ‘Call Of Duty’ Will Make You A Terrorist

By | 9 Comments

An otherwise great piece on video games, culture, and terrorism ends on an unfortunately dumb note.

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