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The CEO Of Netflix Is Not Happy About Their Deal With Comcast

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings takes to the Netflix blog to passive-aggressively shout down Comcast for their lack of net neutrality.


Why We Love The RIAA And ISPs Trying to Police Piracy

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As you may have heard, starting July 12th, ISPs like Comcast and Time Warner and the RIAA have entered into an agreement where, if they see "suspicious activity," they'll offer a "graduated response," <a href="">essentially sending you a few nasty emails and then cutting off your Internet service</a>.


Is a Canadian ISP Monkeying with World of Warcraft?


One of the reasons people get so angry about bandwidth caps and ISPs trying to control what you do on the Internet (which they hide behind marketing non-speak like "shaping" because "throttling" and "choking off" don't test well) is that you're not getting what you pay for, and in some cases, you're also not getting what you pay someone else for.

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