MSNBC Spitefully Labeled A Former Contributor ‘Palestinian Journalist’ After She Spoke About The Network’s Bias

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MSNBC didn't like the way a contributor pointed out their bias towards Israel, so they made sure to let EVERYONE know she was Palestinian.

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The Wall Street Journal’s Hacked Facebook Said Air Force One Crashed In Russia

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The Wall Street Journal posted on Facebook that Air Force One went down. They were hacked.


Watch The Bar Refaeli Commercial That Was Deemed Too Sexy To Air Before 10 P.M.

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Israel is cool with Bar Refaeli having sex with two puppets. But three? NOPE.


Scarlett Johansson Is The Reason Why Israel And Palestine Can’t Get Along


Scarlett Johansson's soda commercial has made headlines worldwide.


The Israeli Parody Of Miley Cyrus’s ‘We Can’t Stop’ Is Not Good For The Jews

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I'd rather wander the desert for 40 years than watch "Jews Can't Stop" twice.


Here’s The Trailer For ‘Big Bad Wolves,’ Quentin Tarantino’s Favorite Movie Of 2013

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Picked as the best movie of 2013 by Quentin Tarantino, 'Big Bad Wolves' has a new trailer for its limited U.S. release in January.


Hackers Knocked Out A Major Road In Israel

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So Israel's road network got hacked. We live in the future. Expect tomorrow to feature the Internet plugged directly into our brains.


Everyone Should Take A Trip To The Abandoned Underwater Strip Club In Israel

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Israel seems like a much more tourist-friendly place, now that we know there's abandoned underwater strip club in Eilat.


Bar Refaeli’s Instagram Is A Real-Life Stefon Sketch: It Has EVERYTHING

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It's that thing where Bar Refaeli has a must-follow Instagram account.


A Snake Bit An Israeli Man’s Penis While He Was Taking A Leak

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Next time you take a leak, look to see what's in the toilet. Especially snakes.


Five Female Israeli Soldiers Are In Trouble For Posting Racy Photos On Facebook

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Shockingly, the Israel Defense Forces aren't big fan of provocative Facebook photos.


Tourists in Israel Get Wi-Fi Via Donkeys


An Israeli tourist attraction designed to immerse tourists in a biblical experience has found a way to keep visitors connected by outfitting its donkeys with wireless routers.

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Peter Berg calls Israeli interviewer a draft-dodger in probably the best interview ever

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I can't tell if this clip of Peter Berg on an Israeli talk show (hat tip: <a href="" target="_blank">Pajiba</a>) makes me like him less or more, but I'm leaning towards more.


Israeli Basketball Team Narrowly Escapes Horrifying Encounter With Wild Beast

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Sometimes I think we take guys like New Orleans Hornets center Chris Kaman for granted, as he is often mocked and criticized for being such an avid hunter.


That Throwing Kick Stunt Of Yours Has Boomeranged On Us


As Jim Croce once explained, there are some things you just don't do, including: 1.


Tel Aviv Has a “Star Wars” Escalator?


There is much troubling the world today.


A Golden Treasury of Kutiman YouTube Mashups


Kutiman was born Ophir Kutiel in Jerusalem and grew up in a small village where he studied music.


The Coolest Israeli-Canadian Hockey Goal You’ll See Today

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If there's one thing we don't cover enough on this blog, it's the International Ice Hockey Federation Division III Championships.


Your Facebook Page Can Get You Booted From A Flight


Let's face it, we've all done things we regret on social media.


Which Animals Are Plotting Against You This Week?


Silly News Officials in Saudi Arabia have detained a Griffon Vulture on suspicion that it's an Israeli spy.

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