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Watch This Persistent Driver Attempt To Drive A Load Of Wood Uphill With Disastrous Results

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You have to admire this Italian driver's determination, even if it does end up with his car tipping over.

Road To Recovery

Road To Recovery: Nuggets Forward Danilo Gallinari


Maybe you forgot about them, or simply blocked their injury from your mind — convinced they were never on your team anyway.


Italy Really Wants You To Buy A Piece Of Poveglia, The Most Haunted Island On The Planet

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You could soon own the most haunted place on Earth when Italy auctions off Poveglia. Better hope the Wayans Brothers don't beat you to it!


Here's An Italian Baseball Team's Blackface Tribute To 'Major League.' No, You Read That Correctly.

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An Italian baseball team paid tribute to the AmEx commercial in 'Major League' by recreating it shot-for-shot, and also by painting white guys black. Uh...


Say Where? ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Adds Another Location Shoot To Their Production


Marvel is assembling a team of shoot locations, each with its own powers. Check out the newest one.


‘Star Wars ’80s High School’ Imagines Star Wars As A John Hughes Movie

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"What if Star Wars were set in a '80s high school?" That's the question artist Denis Medri asked himself.


An IOC Member Is Pissed At America For Sending ‘Four Lesbians’ To The Olympics

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Italy's Mario Pescante can't believe America would send 'four lesbians' to the Sochi Olympics instead of just letting the media handle the political stuff.


Mistakezione: Italian Distributor Very Mi Scusi For '12 Years a Slave' Posters with White Dudes on Them

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An Italian distributor has apologized for using '12 Years a Slave' posters with giant pictures of white dudes on them.


An Italian Guy Built A Creepy, Dangerous Looking, Kind Of Amazing Amusement Park Entirely By Hand

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Ah, Italy, where if you grease the right palm nobody bothers you about your crazy, handmade amusement park...


Porn Star Rocco Siffredi is getting a family TV show in Italy

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Porn star Rocco Siffredi, known up until now mainly for providing aggressive anal in films such as Buttman and Rocco's Brazilian Butt Fest and Dippy Longcocking is set to provide love advice to middle-aged couples in a family show called "It's Up to Rocco," on primetime TV in Italy.


Small Italian Theaters Survive by Becoming Whorehouses

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The phenomenon of failing independent theaters in the age of VOD and the multiplex is so widespread that abandoned theaters became the entire visual motif of The Canyons.


This Fight Between Two Women And A Gladiator That Ends With A Half-Naked Vespa Getaway Is Everything

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This has all the ingredients for a great video: attractive Italian women, a torn dress, a guy dressed as a gladiator for some reason, and a Vespa getaway.


Mario Balotelli Leads AC Milan In Hissy Fits


If AC Milan star Mario Balotelli is best known for anything it’s being an amazing soccer player.


Glitch Furniture: This Hand-Carved Cabinet Is Surreal, Mind-Blowing

By | 2 Comments

Our minds were blown this morning by a hand-carved storage unit which Nerdcore nicknamed "Glitch Furniture".

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