#Game of Thrones

‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Over, Winter is Coming, But Summer is Here, So Visit Historic Dorne!


If you're traveling abroad this summer, here are a few real places you can visit that capture the feel of Dorne from 'Game of Thrones.'

willie nelson

Veteran Musician-Cum-Actor Willie Nelson To Cameo In ‘Zoolander 2′

The 82-year-old Country star is a good friend of Owen Wilson, who plays "Hansel." Here's to hoping Willie's cameo is that of Hansel's dad.

airplane crashes

An Italian Stunt Pilot Passed Away After A Mid-Air Collision Before An Air Show

Two stunt pilots collided over a beach in Tortoreto, Italy prior to a local air show.

Heartwarming stories

The Incredible Story Of An Italian Boy Who Survived 42 Minutes Underwater


A 14-year-old Italian boy survived after being underwater for 42 minutes.

#Mad Men

Here’s The ‘Mad Men’ Ending You Never Saw Coming


There's a decent possibility that Don Draper ends up in Italy, of all places.


Wes Anderson’s New Bar Will Make You Wish You Were In Milan

The famous filmmaker designed a bar in Italy that is every bit as cool and quirky as any of his films.


Tourists Destroy A Priceless 300-Year-Old Statue While Taking A Selfie


Two tourists are facing charges in the Italian city of Cremona after damaging part of a priceless statue while taking a selfie.

george clooney

An Italian Mayor Has Made It Illegal To Approach George Clooney Or His Beautiful Home


Celebrities are just like us, except they can go to Europe and make their own laws.

#Viral Videos

You Can Ride The ‘Bicycle Of Death’ At This Human-Powered Theme Park


It's a wonderful European playground filled with rusted-metal delights!

#Viral Videos

Watch This Persistent Driver Attempt To Drive A Load Of Wood Uphill With Disastrous Results


You have to admire this Italian driver's determination, even if it does end up with his car tipping over.

Road To Recovery

Road To Recovery: Nuggets Forward Danilo Gallinari

Maybe you forgot about them, or simply blocked their injury from your mind — convinced they were never on your team anyway.


Italy Really Wants You To Buy A Piece Of Poveglia, The Most Haunted Island On The Planet


You could soon own the most haunted place on Earth when Italy auctions off Poveglia. Better hope the Wayans Brothers don't beat you to it!


Here's An Italian Baseball Team's Blackface Tribute To 'Major League.' No, You Read That Correctly.


An Italian baseball team paid tribute to the AmEx commercial in 'Major League' by recreating it shot-for-shot, and also by painting white guys black. Uh...


Say Where? ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Adds Another Location Shoot To Their Production

Marvel is assembling a team of shoot locations, each with its own powers. Check out the newest one.


‘Star Wars ’80s High School’ Imagines Star Wars As A John Hughes Movie


"What if Star Wars were set in a '80s high school?" That's the question artist Denis Medri asked himself.

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