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#DMXWeek: DMX Vs. New York City

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Following a lineage of legendary Big Apple artists before him, none in history exploded with the level of intensity and graphicness Earl forced upon the world on his debut It's Dark & Hell Is Hot.

Notable Quotables

Notable Quotable: DMX’s “The Prayer”

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"I come to you hungry and tired, you give food and let me sleep/ I come to you weak, you give strength and that's deep


Introducing #DMXWeek…

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As we mentioned last week, we're bringing back our Artist Week with a tribute to DMX on the 15th anniversary of his classic debut, It's Dark And Hell Is Hot.


X Is Coming…

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Back in the olden days of TSS, we used to partake in these events called Artist Weeks that highlighted one aspect of our culture from Monday to Friday.


A Thank You To Hip-Hop

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One day when I was six, my sister stopped me from going outside with a baseball bat to beat up my neighbors for frustrating me during a basketball game.

Year of the Dog...Again

The Primer: 10 DMX Songs Everyone Should Know

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At one point in time a snarling, growling, angry, violent dog off of his leash was the biggest star in the world.


“Knew She Was A Thug ‘Cause When I Met Her She Had A Scarf On…”

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Hearing DMX's smash single, "How's It Goin' Down," over the weekend rehashed five quick thoughts.


To Hell And Back With DMX

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DMX was such a paramount figure because he was, almost to a fault, so damn believable.


“My Name Is Earl…”

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Industry Rule #4085: Never listen to DMX while doing laundry.

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