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10 Free Agents That Need To Be Signed By Playoff Teams

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The NBA Playoffs are still a good two months away, but that doesn't mean teams haven't begun preparing and planning their rosters for the home stretch.


The NBA’s 15 Strongest Players

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The ability to bench press over 300 pounds is typically seen as a unimportant measure of how good a basketball player is.


Utah Moves Into Final West Playoff Spot; Kobe Bryant & Shaq Are Friends Again


Two weeks ago, we pronounced Utah dead, a casualty of a terrible stretch of scheduling and the expected rise of the Lakers.


Which Five NBA Players Would Jalen Rose Take Into A Fight?

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Those familiar with Bill Simmons’ Book of Basketball recognize Jalen Rose’s “Dark Alley Fab Five” is essentially the same concept as The Sports Guy’s “All Foxhole Team.

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Chris Paul Wanted The Clippers, Not The Lakers; Steve Nash Gets Thrown Into Duke/UNC Beef


Chris Paul might not be Dwyane Wade, who seems intent on turning himself into some sort of fashion icon.


Shaq Knows Which Team Runs New York City; Chris Bosh Now Wants To Play Center In Miami


Shaquille O'Neal's movies make us want to wince (did you know he's been in seven films.


Top 10 Remaining NBA Free Agents


The big names signed on the dotted line - or in Deron Williams' case, on the iPad - weeks ago, and the pool of talent is pretty much completely dry.

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Miami Sleepwalks Before Being Rescued; A Game In Utah Goes 3OT


There was a point in the third quarter where you could see it on LeBron James' face.


Josh Smith Drops The Hammer On OKC; Dirk Drops 40

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Josh Smith might not be an All-Star but he had arguably one of the best games of his career in the Hawks' seven-point upset of Oklahoma City.


Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 2.3

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Beast of the Night: Stephen Curry owned the Jazz last night, finishing with 29 points, five boards, 12 assists, three steals and a pair of threes.


Chris Paul Performs Surgery On The Lakers; Kyle Lowry Blows Up

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On a night when all of the talk seemed to center around Kobe Bryant and his fourth straight 40-point game, it was Chris Paul who was the real king.

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Report: Atlanta’s Al Horford Could Be Done For The Year

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This is pretty much the worst news a Hawks fan could've received.

Ivan Johnson

Ivan Johnson, The Rookie Who Stirred Up The Hawks’ Nest

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Somewhere during the second overtime in last Thursday's game against the Heat, a 27-year-old rookie who went to three colleges and has been banned for life from the Korean league was trending nationally on Twitter.

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Miami Steals A Triple OT Thriller; Portland Looks Like The Best Team In The West

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Is there any team in the league that pisses off basketball fans more than Atlanta.

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