The Last Days

J The S – The Last Days LP x “Razor” Video Feat. Styles P

The streets of Boston are looking real apocalyptic these days, with the Celtics seeing their window of opportunity dwindle and local rapper-turned-actor, Slaine spilling doomsday raps every time he comes near a microphone.

The Last Days

J The S Feat. Styles P. & Emilio Rojas – “Razor” x “Shadows” Video

Seeing that the world's allegedly ending and all this year, J The S is going out with a bang with The Last Days LP.

The Sky Is Falling

J The S – “Call You Snitch” Video

When you get knocked for a crime, there's a two-way street in which more problems can fly your way.

The Sky Is Falling

J The S Feat. Donny Goines – “Alright Now”


Jake and Donny are on some sort of Starksy & Hutch/The Other Guys/Willie Dynamite-type kick to remind all Hip-Pop hopefuls exactly what makes this thing of ours tick.


8.6 The Cooler


Nilanti by Derrick G New York Rappers Talk Their Worst Summer Jobs [Village Voice] Beach Boys Make Ridiculous Copyright Claim Over Katy Perry's California Gurls [Techdirt] Game Talks R.

Wish You Were Here Mixtape

J The S – “Handcuff Sex” Video


Possibly the most underrated advantage of being at SXSW is the ability to get actual hard copies of these street albums that get passed along the web like the Trojan virus.

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