Pain Is Love 2

Ja Rule Feat. Leah Siegal – “Parachute”


No matter your stance on the guy, you've got to give it up for <a href="">Ja Rule</a>.

Wiz Khalifa

12.9 The Maildrop — What Happened To Wiz Khalifa, How To Win At Fantasy Basketball & Hermaphrodite Swag

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Quickly becoming one of our favorite posts to dedicate time towards - mainly because it involves both the writers and those who graciously stop by our neck of the e-woods - we present the third installment of <a href="">The Maildrop</a>.


Ja Rule Talks Suicide In His First Letter From Prison

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<a href="">Ja Rule</a> is adjusting to prison life about as well as possibly expected.

The Police Blotter

Ja Rule Better Get Comfortable, Sentenced To 28 Additional Months In Prison

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Barring any other factors, the next time <a href="">Ja Rule</a> can walk the streets of New York City will be the Fall of 2013.


The Six People LeBron James Should Meet During The Lockout

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Two wins and Dirk Nowitzki separated reality from my carefully orchestrated "I told you so" victory plan.


Well, Ja Rule Goes To Prison Today

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Just an overall strange week for famous Black guys.


6.8 The Cooler

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Melanie Iglesias NFL Makes Contingency Plan For 8-Game Season [Consumerist] AXE Body Spray Threatens VICE Mag Boycott Over Sex Offender Parody [NMT] Connecticut To Decriminalize Marijuana Possession [NORML] The Facebook Tattoo Sleeve [Frank151] Dressing Taller: 10 Tips for Short Men [Art Of Manliness] Man Stabs Cop, [...].


Ja Rule Plans 40 Days, 40 Nights Tour After Prison

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<a href=""> Ja Rule hasn't gone to jail over <a href="">those gun charges</a> yet, but he's already making his plans for when he's released and those plans include <a href="">a 40 day, 40 night tour</a> no sooner than he's freed up.

Pain Is Love 2

Ja Rule – “Real Life Fantasy”

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<a href=""> Going out on a limb, I'm going to say 85% of the TSS readers have outright hated on <a href="">Ja Rule</a>, despite having never owned or heard one of his actual albums.


3.24 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Khrysti Hill Jimmer Fredette Is The Next Billy Hoyle <a href="">[ETSF]</a> Chris Brown’s Circle of Celebrity Friends Hold Him Down Post Cunty Episode <a href="">[C&D]</a> Justin Vernon Says New Bon Iver Album Due Out In June <a href="">[Prefix]</a> Twitter Beef Round Dos.


2.22 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Jasmine Santiago Eminem Hits 1 Billion Mark <a href="">[HHW]</a> What Games Belong In the Smithsonian.


Investigative Report: Ja Rule Made Music In 2010. And It Was Awesome.

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<a href=""> All this time, I thought Ja Rule was <a href="">going to jail</a> for weapons possession.


The Week That Was: The Work’s Hard Edition

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<a href=""> -- <a href="">Lil Wayne dropped "6'7","</a> his first track since being released from the belly of the beast.

The Police Blotter

Ja Rule Is Going To Jail

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<a href=""> And contrary to your first assumptions, it's not for being a menace to rap society. The man behind classics like "Clap Back," "Between Me & You" and "Thug Lovin'" is expected to surrender his freedom for a couple years from gun charges stemming from 2007, according to <a href="">MTV</a>.


11.22 The Cooler

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Asa Akira Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Alleges $100 Million Plot To Kill Him [OMG] 5 Rappers Who AREN'T Returning to Jail [The BVX] Five Better Career Moves For Flavor Flav [TUD] Holiday Viewing: Eastbound and Down [Uproxx] Jenna Jameson Looks Great [With Leather] 10 Websites You Shouldn't [...].

#Jay Z

9 Lyrics That P*ssed Rappers Off For No Reason

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<a href="">Graphic by <a href="">Talia</a> If you haven’t heard, <a href="">MC Hammer is angry</a> at Jay-Z for doing something truly heinous: dropping a few lines about Hammer’s bankruptcy.

#Jay Z

The iPod Shuffle – “Gangsta Sh!t”

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<a href=""> Since you gossip like groupies, know this please/I'll never go broke, my name got two G's... Long before <a href="">Willow was apart of the R.O.C.</a>, Jigga stayed in some gangsta sh.


10 Artists Who’ll Never Come Back

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Graphic by <a href="">Talia</a> The recent rally behind Lauryn Hill after her East Coast Rock The Bells stop will soon die down once fans remember the harsh truth -- we lost Lauryn long years ago.

The N word

8.18 The Cooler

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Portia Broome 20 Rappers Who Owe The IRS [Complex] The Most Bootylicious Athletes of All-Time [Bleacher Report] Pam Grier Goes From Blaxploitation Queen to Advocate of Truth [The BVX] Jay Electronica Eyeing September Release For Act II [HHNM] Kurt Warner Looks Just Like Denzel [With [...].

Tony Yayo

“I Wonder If You Mad…”

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<a href=""> <a href="">50 Cent</a> is the greatest villain Hip-Hop has ever seen.

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