Elijah Blake – “Towers Of Tokyo”


Motown-tinged ballad produced by Jack Splash that might be Blake's biggest vocal showcase to date.


A Trio Of New Anthony Hamilton Songs

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Just so we're clear, Anthony Hamilton's "The Point Of It All" track is on my list of personal favorite songs of the past five years.


DJ Skee & The Smoking Section Present Jack Splash – King Of The Beats Vol. 1

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As he keeps pushing the boundaries of sound and style, Jack Splash releases King Of The Beats Vol. 1, the second mixtape from the series of three.


Jack Splash Feat. Cee-Lo – “.38 Special”

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"I'm rap's elec-tron, I'm wrapped with Teflon, And I been slept on.


“Hail Justo! 2K9? – The Best Mixtapes Of 2009

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The streets are Hip-Hop and we're Hip-Hop so the streets belong to us.


Jack Splash – “King Of The Beats”

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I'm a firm believer in the ideal that each time out, whatever you do should be bigger and better than the time before.

Jack Splash

The Fresh That Keeps On Giving: Day Six

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This one is going to happen so fast.


“Nasty With The Bass…”

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At first the idea of the Plantlife vocalist/producer Jack Splash spitting instead of serenading sounded a little unnecessary, but if “Rick James (Nasty With The Bass)," and the whole Heir To The Throne tape really, is any indication of what’s to come.


Jack Splash – “Baatin (Missin’ U…)”

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If there was ever a self-explanatory song title, "Baatin (Missin' U.


Jack Splash – “Lauryn Hill” x “In The Future”

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Jack Splash's upcoming album will be the prolific producer's foray into microphone duties, neither as the singer in Plantlife that they ladies love nor producer extraordinaire.

The Alchemist

Plantlife – “Time Traveller” Video Trailer

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The first time I heard "Time Traveller," I let it repeat six to eight times trying to dissect & digest a different aspect of it each time.

Jack Splash

“Don’t Worry About Tomorrow…”

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Somebody was asking for this yesterday and it reminded me of the first time I really heard the song.

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