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Jack Vale’s Social Media Prank

Internet prankster Jack Vale pulls a prank on strangers that might make you reconsider some of your social media habits.

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Zombie Phone Prank

Internet prankster Jack Vale spooks people on the street with a clever phone trick.


Eating A Live Goldfish PRANK

Internet prankster Jack Vale poses as a gas station clerk, and shocks customers by convincingly pretending to eat live goldfish.


Vaseline High Five Prank

Jack Vale and his prankster friends walk around giving strangers high fives.


The “Making People Paranoid” Prank

Jack Vale makes people feel extremely uncomfortable by letting them overhear as he describes their appearance into his phone.


Baby Talk at the Beach

Greg Benson and Jack Vale take their "Talking Baby Talk to Adults" prank to the beach.


The “I’m Not Gay” Prank

Roman Atwood from Sketch Empire and Jack Vale make sure strangers know they're not gay.


Talking Baby Talk to Adults

Greg Benson and Jack Vale stand outside a supermarket and talk to adults like they're babies.


Totally Oblivious!

Jack Vale drove around asking people if they've seen anyone who matches the description he gives -- and the person he describes is them.

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