Examining 7 Iconic Poop Scenes, Set to the Bristol Stool Scale

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Editor's Note: By now you may have noticed Evan Harold's writing voice in your morning links and comments of the week posts these past few months.


Jackass 3 demands your Best Picture Oscar consideration

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This Jackass 3D 'For Your Consideration' poster is pretty cool, but I can't help but be a little miffed that they didn't email it to me (I had to find it on Moviefone).


Jackass 3.5 to be Released Online in Weekly Installments

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Before eventually being made available on DVD and online as a full-length feature, Jackass 3.


Armond White finally reviews Jackass 3D

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After waiting so patiently for Armond White's Jackass 3D review, I have to be honest, it's a bit of a letdown.


Frotcast 19: Joe King, Rob Delaney, Jackass 3D

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This week on the Frotcast, our friend Joe King the comedian and former porn camera man sits in while we discuss Jackass 3D, and he tells us how he used to have sex with a couch, which his parents still own.


The 10 most pretentious critical reactions to Jackass 3D

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To my great dismay, the New York Press' venerable verbose curmudgeon, Armond White, has yet to weigh in on Jackass 3D.


10.19 The Cooler

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Masika Kalysha Vatican Says Homer Simpson Is A 'True Catholic' [Gawker] Fear Of A Black Planet: Black Presidents in Film and Television [Pajiba] Ron Artest Taking a Jab at LeBron.


Jackass 3D is biggest fall opening EVER

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Jackass 3D grossed $50 million over the weekend, making it the biggest September-October opening ever, more than doubling its $20 million budget.


Frotcast 16: Lindy West, Wall Street, Johnny Knoxville

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On this week's Frotcast, we talk to the incomparable Lindy West about Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and in my audio from the Jackass 3D extended preview, I ask Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine if they've ever thought about just going balls out for their next stunt and injecting Bam with a syringe full of Hep C while he's sleeping.


Steve-O lights his hair on fire, says James Cameron can S his D

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Last night here in San Francisco, I was able to drink Four Lokos in the park with Brendan from the Frotcast and attend a seven-minute preview of Jackass 3D hosted by Johnny Knoxville and director Jeff Tremaine (you can listen to my interview on the latest Frotcast, which will be up tomorrow morning).


8.9 The Cooler

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Jennie Reid Meet The Newest Jersey Shore Girl, Deena Nicole [MTV] Jackass 3D Official Trailer [Street Thing] Shake Weight Girl: 'It Looks Like a Sex Toy' [TMZ] Obama's Friendly NBA Face-Off [The Daily Beast] Hard Times At The World's Longest Yard Sale [TIME] Shaq Is Old, [...].


Jackass 3D looks awesome

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3D is kind of stupid, which is why it makes perfect sense to take a 3D camera and film the stupidest thing you can think of with it.



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I loved Jackass 2 but could've done without the horse jizz, which one could say about any of your mom's films.

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