Samuel L. Jackson

From ‘Goodfellas’ To ‘Django Unchained': The Many Impactful On-Screen Deaths Of Samuel L. Jackson

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Samuel L. Jackson's list of on-screen deaths is surprisingly long, but many of them have carried a hefty impact.

quentin tarantino

Please Enjoy Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ As Sung By Every Quentin Tarantino Movie


This tribute to Quentin Tarantino features his characters providing a new voice to Madonna's classic hit.

quentin tarantino

Check Out Every Death Scene From Quentin Tarantino’s Movies In This Bloody Supercut


Watch every last gangster and hitman from Quentin Tarantino's movies meet his maker in this graphic supercut.


RIP Soul Legend Bobby Womack, 1944 – 2014

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Bobby Womack lived a life of second chances and great music. He will be missed.


RIP: Things I Learned Reading Elmore Leonard (1925 – 2013)

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Elmore Leonard, the man The New York Times once called "America's greatest living crime writer" is no longer among the living today, having died early this morning, three weeks after suffering a stroke, at the age of 87.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: An Open Letter To Robert De Niro

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After last week's amazing selection of  quality cinema on DVD, this week was bound to feel like a bit of a let-down, but really, it's not all that bad.


Tarantino Down With Another ‘Brown’

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Quentin Tarantino’s 1997 Elmore Leonard adaptation Jackie Brown is receiving the prequel treatment, although not by the spaztastic director himself.

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