Jake Gyllenhaal Cranks Up The Crazy In The New ‘Nightcrawler’ Trailer

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In the newest 'Nightcrawler' trailer, Jake Gyllenhaal will do anything up to and probably including murder to get a story.


Jake Gyllenhaal Is Freaky Thin And Just The Right Amount Of Creepy In The Teaser For ‘Nightcrawler’

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Jake Gyllenhaal lost a bunch of weight for 'Nightcrawler' so obviously it's going to be terrific.

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An In-Depth Analysis Of ‘Zodiac’ The Film Vs The Real Zodiac Killer Case

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In the wake of the latest book about the identity of the Zodiac killer, we take an indepth look at 'Zodiac' versus the real case.


REVIEW: Prisoners

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It's 3 am, Do Hugh Know Where Your Children Are.


16 Awesomely Bad Movies Available On YouTube Right Now

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The Internet nearly exploded with nerdy joy when Hulu made the Criterion Collection<a href="" target="_blank"> available for free</a> last weekend.


The Lance Armstrong Biopic Is Ruined Now

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Since its release in 2001, the Lance Armstrong autobiography “It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life” was destined to be a feature film.


'End of Watch' (Red Band Trailer)


A powerful story of family, friendship, love, honor and courage, David Ayer's End Of Watch stars Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña as young police officers Taylor and Zavala as they patrol the meanest streets of South Central Los Angeles.


Jake Gyllenhaal made a found-footage, interracial buddy cop movie

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After the jump, it's the trailer for End of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, from Street Kings director David Ayer - whose name is of course Spanish for "David Yesterday.

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Jake Gyllenhaal kills hipsters with a fencing sword & morning links

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Here's Jake Gyllenhaal starring in a weird French music video in which he kills hipsters with a fencing sword, because why wouldn't he.

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Who Needs Celebrity Friends When You've Got Photoshop?

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A friend of mine used to throw a wild Christmas party every year with a selective guest list, which often left a lot of people pissed off and questioning their friendship.


A Little Somethin’ for the Ladies

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As you probably noticed, I was bubbling for weeks about Jake Gyllenhaal's appearance on last night's season premiere of "Man Vs Wild," because there's nothing I enjoy more than injecting homoeroticism into a scene between two hunky men.


Video: Bear Grylls and Jake Gyllenhaal Get Cozy in Iceland

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As I noted last week, Bear Grylls and Jake Gyllenhaal shared an Icelandic snow cave while filming the season premiere of "Man Vs.

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Nathan Fillion Is A Good Photo Bomber (And More Celebrity Photo Bombs)

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<a rel="attachment wp-att-36423" href=""></a>I happened upon a treasure trove of pictures of <a href="">Nathan Fillion</a> photo bombing people, and that's important.

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The Three Gyllenhaal Lunch & Morning Links

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MORNING LINKS Pop Culture Currency: Abraham Lincoln, Shapeshifter [<a href="">Uproxx</a>] 51-year-old actor who looks 40 marries “16-year-old” country “singer” who also looks 40 [<a href="">WarmingGlow</a>] Insane Clown Posse doesn’t understand fair use [<a href="">Uproxx</a>] BIONIC DOG.


Jake Gyllenhaal and Bear Grylls Shared an Icelandic Snow Cave

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Following the success of the following blockquotes while listening to the score of Brokeback Mountain: For two days, Bear and Jake embark on a survival experience neither will forget, to an Icelandic landscape dominated by mountains, huge glaciers and some of Europe's most active volcanoes [I wonder if there were any eruptions - Ed.

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