Your 2014 Hot Holiday Gift Guide, By Your Favorite Porn Sociologist

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If you're considering buying adult films this holiday season, our in-house sociologist has some suggestions.


The Adult Film Minute: Host Boys And Why You Should #PayForYourPorn

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Dr. Chauntelle drops by to discuss XBiz hosts Alexis Texas and Tommy Pistol, and talk about the #PayForYourPorn campaign.


‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ Get Porny With ‘The Royal Tenendongs’, Starring James Deen And Stoya

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Exclusive photos from The Royal Tenenbaums porn parody photo series, The Royal Tenendongs.


‘There’s Probably Semen On That': 3 Days At The AVNs

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I traveled to the Oscars of porn to ask the question, how does an industry that's in an acknowledged decline treat its most self-congratulatory ceremony?


The Los Angeles Condom Law Porn Exodus Is Great News For Las Vegas

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As the Adult Entertainment Expo continues in Las Vegas, porn producers are raving about the city as a great alternative to L.A.'s condom laws.


Report claims Farrah only made $10 grand for Backdoor Teen Mom, not $1 million

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A new report from <a href="" target="_blank">Fox411</a> says that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham made only $10,000 for having squirting anal with James Deen in Backdoor Teen Mom, not the "<a href="" target="_blank">nearly $1 million</a>" claimed by Vivid and reported by TMZ.

why not bang a porn star today

Ladies, You Can Now Apply Online To Be Banged By Porn Star James Deen

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Want to get boned by James Deen? Well, just fill out the application on his website!


Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Gives Great Interviews

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Porn and feminism have always had a complicated relationship.

the canyons

James Deen Says Sasha Grey Has A Bad Reputation In The Porn Industry

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Judging by the current <a href="" target="_blank">scores on Rotten Tomatoes</a> (22% critics, 24% audience), The Canyons isn’t exactly the most popular film right now.


REVIEW: The Canyons is so Post-Empire it hurts

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So Post-Empire It Hurts If you've been following Bret Easton Ellis for the last few years, you know he's obsessed with the idea of "<a href="" target="_blank">Empire" and "Post-Empire</a>.


‘The Canyons’ Producers Purposely Leaked Those Photos Of Lindsay Lohan Topless Online

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Those photos of Lindsay Lohan topless you see online? Those were intentionally leaked.


James Deen & Andy San Dimas made an Adult Film on Google Glass, because obviously.

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You may remember James Deen as the co-star of both Lindsay Lohan in <a href="" target="_blank">The Canyons</a> and Farrah Abraham in <a href="" target="_blank">Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom</a> ("And she squirts.

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Teen Mom Farrah Goes to Rehab, Still Trying to Sneak into Fame from Behind

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I find this Farrah Abraham story endlessly entertaining, because every time Hollywood tries to do a send up of "celebrity culture" it's either misguided <a href="" target="_blank">(I'm Still Here</a>) or dull (<a href="" target="_blank">The Bling Ring</a>), yet in the persona of Teen Mom Farrah, we have this perfect, fun-house mirror reflection of fame.


James Deen continues to be the only sane one in the Farrah sex tape fiasco

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If you're behind on the Farrah Abraham porno fiasco, the basic run down is <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>, and our friend Lee Roy Myers even had Deen on<a href="" target="_blank"> his podcast</a> to discuss the whole thing.


Here’s The First Clip From Farrah Abraham’s Totally Real ‘Sex Tape,’ If You Dare

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The first clip from Farrah Abraham's sex tape with James Deen, "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom," is online now. Everything is terrible.


Teen Mom Farrah got 'nearly $1 million' for 'Backdoor Teen Mom'

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Last we heard from Farrah Abraham, she of MTV's Teen Mom "fame," she <a href="" target="_blank">had become a cautionary tale</a> for pseudo-celebs trying to climb Jacob's fame ladder using a sex tape everywhere.

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