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James Franco Made A 25-Minute Test For Cormac McCarthy’s ‘Blood Meridian’ Starring Luke Perry

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James Franco filmed 25 minutes of test footage for Cormac McCarthy's 'Blood Meridian,' starring Dave Franco and Luke Perry. It's certainly something.

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Here’s Michael Shannon Trying Out Necrophilia In James Franco’s Short Film ‘Herbert White’

By | 2 Comments

James Franco and Michael Shannon teamed up to make a film about a serial killer that has sex with his dead victims. Classic Franco.


Nick Frost Is A Big Fan Of James Franco In ‘Spring Breakers’

By | 20 Comments

Nick Frost looked at James Franco's shit and liked what he saw.


James Franco Released Some Of His Poems And They Are Classic Franco

By | 8 Comments

Have you ever wanted Heath Ledger or Lindsay Lohan themed poetry from James Franco? You know you do.

dawn of the planet of the apes

Watch James Franco Murder Science In Everything Wrong With ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’

By | 7 Comments

Unsurprisingly most of the things wrong with 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' are James Franco related.

james franco

‘Child Of God,’ James Franco’s Cormac McCarthy Necrophilia Movie Has A Trailer

By | 25 Comments

James Franco directs a film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's 'Child of God,' about a cave-dwelling, serial-killing necrophiliac in Tennessee hill country.


Seth Rogen Issued A Very Seth Rogen Response To North Korea’s Threat Of War

By | 27 Comments

It's safe to say that Seth Rogen isn't taking Kim Jong-Un's threat of war with the U.S. over 'The Interview' very seriously.

james franco

James Franco And Seth Rogen Want To Assassinate Kim Jong-Un In The Trailer For ‘The Interview’

By | 11 Comments

In the new trailer for 'The Interview,' Lizzy Caplan recruits Seth Rogen and James Franco to assassinate Kim Jong-Un for the CIA.

james franco

James Franco Wrote A Weird Essay About Not Having Sex With Lindsay Lohan

By | 14 Comments

James didn't have sex with Lindsay Lohan, so he's going to write a fiction piece about not having sex with Lindsay Lohan.

james franco

Pussy Riot Might Star In ‘Spring Breakers: The Second Coming’


'Spring Breakers' is getting a sequel, and it just might get a Pussy Riot.


Listen To James Franco’s Brilliant Explanation Of Why He Ripped Off Those Nude Seth Rogen Drawings


James Franco offers up a helpful explanation of why he felt justified in taking another person's work and copying it.

james franco

James Franco Finds The Wrong Man’s Money In The ‘Good People’ Trailer

By | 9 Comments

James Franco and Kate Hudson star as a couple who make an awful decision about some found money in the 'Good People' trailer.

james franco

James Franco Finally Emerges To Discuss His Odd And Sometimes Provocative Instagram Antics

By | 5 Comments

James Franco finally steps out of the shadows to face questions about his odd use of Instagram and his smelly fingers.

james franco

Conan Forces Dave Franco To Answer For James Franco’s Odd Social Media Lifestyle

By | 11 Comments

James Franco seems to be making life difficult on his brother's media tour with his nude painting, teen banging, social media lifestyle.

james franco

James Franco Posted A Naked Selfie On Instagram Which Was Quickly Removed

By | 29 Comments

James Franco posted a naked selfie to Instagram early Friday morning because art? Who the hell knows.

james franco

James Franco Shares Disturbing Lindsay Lohan Stories With Howard Stern, Calls Her A Delusional Stalker

By | 59 Comments

You make out with a troubled child actor ONE TIME and suddenly, and she just won't leave you alone, huh Franco?


Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy Gets The Most Honest Of Trailers

By | 19 Comments

Screen Junkies of Honest Trailers fame take on Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy, make the case for exactly how terrible 'Spiderman 3' was.

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