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Tom Hardy Steals A Pit Bull Puppy And Your Heart In ‘The Drop’

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You'll probably want to wrap your ovaries in Saran Wrap to keep them from exploding.


Check Out The Trailer For James Gandolfini's Final Role In 'The Drop'

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James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy need to get the mob's dirty money back from two gunmen or else there's going to be trouble in 'The Drop.'

#Fascinating Facts

15 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About The Early Days Of ‘The Sopranos’

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To celebrate 'The Sopranos' 15 year anniversary of its debut, we've lined up 15 facts about the show's first season.

The Sopranos

James Gandolfini On ‘The Sopranos': ‘It’s A Show About A Fat Guy, And I’m The Fat Guy’

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“Basically,” he said, “it's a show about a fat guy, and I'm the fat guy.”

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A Quick Word About Veterans Day

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We'd be remiss if we didn't take a moment from our regularly scheduled programming to thank all of you who've served in the U.S. military on Veteran's Day.

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Audiences Want More Of James Gandolfini As ‘Enough Said’ Earns A Wider Release

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The very last little tidbit that I left off of this morning’s box office recap actually deserves its own post because the news is sort of bittersweet.


Here’s The Trailer For ‘Enough Said’, A Rom-Com Starring James Gandolfini & Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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James Gandolfini seems perfect in Enough Said, the beard really does something for him, and he & JLD really do seem to have genuine chemistry.

The Sopranos

HBO Is Making The Entire 'Sopranos' Series Available For Viewing On Demand

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In the event that the death of James Gandolfini has left you feeling nostalgic for The Sopranos, well, HBO has a little treat for you.

The Sopranos

James Gandolfini's Sopranos Co-Stars Among The Many People Who Paid Tribute At His Funeral

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Among the many friends, family members and fans who attended today's funeral service for James Gandolfini were his co-stars and friends from The Sopranos.

The Sopranos

Read David Chase's Eulogy For James Gandolfini

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David Chase's eulogy for James Gandolfini was incredibly touching.


Chris Christie orders New Jersey’s flags flown at half mast for James Gandolfini

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We're still holding out hope that the dearly departed James Gandolfini will eventually return to us as Gandolfini The White, but as we mourn in the meantime, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has ordered his state's flags lowered to half mast in Gandolfini's honor.


Bruce Springsteen Played 'Born To Run' In Its Entirety In Honor Of James Gandolfini Last Night

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One jersey boy, Bruce Springsteen, playing a song for another of Jersey's finest, James Gandolfini.


Here's James Gandolfini On 'Sesame Street' In 2002

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The fine folks at CTW have uploaded a clip of a 2002 appearance by James Gandolfini on Sesame Street.

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Remembering James Gandolfini: Thoughts On The Actor From The UPROXX Staff And Others From Around The Web

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A collection of thoughts about James Gandolfini from the UPROXX staff as well as some others from around the web.

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Best In The State: On Visiting Holsten's, The Site Of The Final 'Sopranos' Scene

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On taking a field trip to Holsten's in New Jersey, Tony Soprano's final resting place.


James Gandolfini on 'Sesame Street'


James Gandolfini adorably talks about feeling scared during an appearance on Sesame Street.

The Sopranos

The Humble, Self-Effacing James Gandolfini: In His Own Words

By | 14 Comments

James Gandolfini on himself, and his place in the world.

The Sopranos

New Jersey & NYC Newspapers Mourn James Gandolfini On Their Covers

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James Gandolfini is being remembered on the covers of many New York and New Jersey newspapers this morning. Here's a brief collection.

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