Excellent Rookie Hazing At Warriors Open Practice

Rookie hazing in the NBA is light years from the aggressive forms of torture rookies have undergone in the NFL, but it's still a rite of passage however tame.

rudy gobert

Fast 5: Tracking This Year’s NBA Draft Class, Vol. 4

Each Wednesday, we'll be assessing how the top prospects of the 2013 NBA Draft are faring in college and overseas.

Willie Cauley Stein

Fast 5: Tracking This Year’s NBA Draft Class, Vol. 1

Each Wednesday, we'll be assessing how the top prospects of the 2013 NBA Draft are faring in college and overseas.

Royce White

Futures Market: The Top 5 Players Who Benefited From The NCAA Tournament

Whether it's one and done or four and out, the NCAA Tournament can either confirm what we know about players' college credentials or burnish new ones entirely.

University Of North Carolina

Air Jordan Releases & Austin Rivers: A Week With Jordan Brand


Austin Rivers must've known I was there because he tied the perfect bow to the end of a trip that started in Hoboken, New Jersey and ended with a once-defeaning crowd of 21,750 eerily silent.

University Of North Carolina

Harrison Barnes Leads The Best Basketball Team In The Country

*College basketball is here (unlike the NBA), and this year might be one of the best in recent memory.


2010-11 Dime/2K Sports High School All-American Team

It's tough to honestly pick an All-American team.


Jordan Brand Classic rosters, featuring high school’s Yao Ming


Before the NBA All-Star Game's hottest debate turned into a LaMarcus Aldridge celebration -- I think the people of Portland are vying to get LMA awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom as we speak -- the big argument was over Yao Ming being voted in as an All-Star starter despite playing only five games this season.

Wayne Ellington

North Carolina is a National Championship contender … in 2012


I've grown so accustomed to college basketball's one-and-done culture that now it's startling to see an NCAA team with as much veteran poise as Duke.


Top 5 High School Stars with NBA Family Ties


Those of us in the Dime crew who are hitting our mid-to-late 20's are noticing the trend every sports fan experiences with age: The offspring of athletes we grew up watching are now starting to make their own names in the game.


Kyle Wiltjer Commits To Kentucky & Dominates At Elite 24


For the past four years, the Boost Mobile Elite 24 has been able to bring in two-dozen of the country's best high school ballers – no matter the grade level – to its annual all-star event at Rucker Park in Harlem.

Tony Wroten

Jared Sullinger tops updated Dime/2K Sports Top 50 Ranking


Rajon Rondo isn't the only guy making his national magazine cover debut this month. On the other half of our Dime #56 double-cover we have Jared Sullinger, the first-ever Dime/2K Sports National High School Player of the Year.

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