Mark Wahlberg Is 60 Pound Lighter As A Prafessah Of Fack You In ‘The Gambler’

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Marky Mark is a prafessah of gambling at the University of Fack You.


Marky Mark Lost 60 Pounds To Play An English Prafessah

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Mark Wahlberg talks about his greatest challenge ever: playing a professor.


James Toback says Robert Downey was only interesting after “sucking 200 d-cks for crack.”

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Charismatic charmer James Toback says Robert Downey Jr. was a lot more interesting after he "sucked 200 dicks for crack."


Tonight's HBO Documentary: James Toback & Alec Baldwin's 'Seduced and Abandoned'

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I hope you've been enjoying HBO's fall slate of documentaries, because tonight they have an extra special treat for us: an insidery look at the film marketplace from one of the all-time great Hollywood blowhards, James Toback (also Brett Ratner's housemate, at one point).


James Toback’s Awesomely Blowhardy Letter to Scorsese & Co.

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When Deadline recently reported that Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Departed writer William Monahan would be working on a remake of the semi-autobiographical, 1974 tale written by James Toback, The Gambler, James Toback was sad, because no one had called him :-(.


Al Pacino is in the John Gotti movie now, supposedly

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This John Gotti biopic project, which always sounded more like some slimey producer's wishful thinking passed off as reality over starlets and cocaine than an actual movie that was getting made, is really happening, at least if Variety is to be believed.


“Tyson” – Trailer For Mike Tyson’s Documentary

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If I were given complete access to follow dude around, I bet I could find entertaining material to write about Tyson every day.



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James Toback is a writer/director who recently made the documentary Tyson, which will be premiering at Sundance, about his friend Mike Tyson.

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