How Gary Sinise And ‘CSI: New York’ Are Responsible For The Creation Of Ron Swanson

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If it weren't for Gary Sinise and the bad decisions of NBC executives, Ron Swanson would never exist.


This Week In Netflix And Streaming: ‘Blue Lagoon’, ‘Varsity Blues’, And Suckers Getting Punched

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This month really has everything, from John Cusack's best role, to underage Brooke Shields and an elaborate rape metaphor.


About That Time ‘SNL’ Announcer Don Pardo Wanted To Give James Van Der Beek A Spanking

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The greatest words the great Don Pardo ever spoke: 'I'm gonna spank you."


James Van Der Beek Will Star In ‘CSI: Cyber,’ Which Is Apparently A Real Show!

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James Van Der Beek will star in "CSI: Cyber." "CSI: Cyber" sounds ridiculous.

NCAA Tournament

James Van Der Beek's NCAA Tournament Picks Are Just Plain Strange

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James Van Der Beek and the cast of 'Friends with Better Lives' made their NCAA Tournament picks for CBS, and his are a little unusual.

#Fascinating Facts

Let’s Look Back Fondly On ‘Varsity Blues’, Which Turns 15 Years Old Today

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Get the truth behind Ali Larter's whip cream bikini and nine more facts about this high school gridiron classic.


You Know Your Team’s In Trouble When They Start Getting Burned By Dawson Leery

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TV's Dawson, aka James Van Der Beek, burned the Green Bay Packers Varsity Blues-style on Twitter.


James Van Der Beek Is About To Get All Up In Some Lady Business

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The Beek is back, and he's a gynecologist now. For CBS, I mean. In a show.


James Van Der Beek Confirms The Fate Of ‘Don’t Trust The B—- In Apt. 23′

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"Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" star James Van Der Beek explained that the little seen, much loved sitcom has effectively been canceled by ABC.


‘I Would Rather Chop My Arm Off & F**k Myself With The Detached Limb': Celebrities Read Mean Tweets On Kimmel

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Even though I don't understand the appeal of three-quarters of the celebrities Kimmel has participating, I fully get enjoying them reading tweets about how much they suck. That's just good television.


Meme Watch: Crying Dawson Presents First World Problems From The '90s

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The 1990s nostalgia train continues, except instead of reminiscing about our collective past we're going to re-live our collective whininess in the form of a blubbering James Van Der Beek.


What's On Tonight: You Can Never Have Enough Beek

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Betty White's Off Their Rocker (NBC) -- If you're tuning into NBC tonight to watch "Best Friends Forever," don't bother.


Parents Television Council Has Bug Up Butt about ‘Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23′

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Despite ABC's efforts to slip the B word past America's prudes, the conservative advocacy group Parents Television Council <a href="">has come down hard</a> on the new sitcom, "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt.

#jimmy kimmel

The James Van Der Beek 6 Stages Of Fame

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I'm oddly fascinated by James Van De Beek's career resurgence based entirely on self awareness.


James Van Der Beek: 'Who Doesn't Love BJs?"

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As we <a href="">discussed earlier this week</a>, "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt.


Deal With It GIFs: Pop Culture Edition

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If there's a lazier way to win an e-argument than with a "Deal With It" GIF, I'm unaware of it.


‘Boom! Down She Goes!’

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Hillary Clinton probably anticipated a lot of travel as Secretary of State, but she sure wasn't ready for this TRIP.


Links: Saving Private Ryan (Literally)

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(<a href="">via</a>) Can your car run on Four Loko.


James Van Der Beek Wins

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With the exception of Varsity Blues, James Van Der Beek and his towering, <a href="" target="_blank">Exeter-like</a> forehead slipped into obscurity following his role as Dawson on "Dawson's Creek.

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