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Anthony Bourdain Sat Down For A Nice Meal With Omar And Marlo From ‘The Wire’

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No big deal, just Anthony Bourdain eating dinner with Omar from 'The Wire' and Marlo Stanfield dropping in unexpectedly to join them. How's your day?


That Time Anthony Bourdain Hung Out With Omar and Marlo

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As if you needed more proof that Anthony Bourdain lives a cooler and more interesting life than you do -- even in your Robitussin-soaked dreams -- he posted this picture <a href="">on Twitter</a> last night.


Paintball with ‘The Wire’? Yes Please.

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Jamie Hector, the actor best known as cold-blooded crime lord Marlo Stanfield in "The Wire," will host a paintball tournament this weekend to raise money for <a href="" target="_blank">Moving Mountains</a>, a non-profit organization founded by Hector and dedicated to the creative development of inner-city kids.

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