‘Ski Jumping Pairs’ Presents Japan’s Idea Of How American Ski Jumpers Jump

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Behold the glory of 'Ski Jumping Pairs,' a Japanese PSP game that makes American ski jumpers look like murderous, football-obsessed maniacs.


This Can’t End Well: ‘Akira’ Predicted Japan Hosting The 2020 Olympics

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The classic 1988 anime AKIRA predicted Japan hosting the 2020 Olympics after a massive disaster. Quick, somebody check under the new Olympic stadium.

deep fried soup

KFC Is Going To Start Selling Fried Soup In Japan

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On Thursday, people in Japan will be able to purchase fried soup for a limited time at their local KFC restaurants.


Start Your Morning Off Right With EXTREME JAPANESE RAPTOR PRANK, Yeahhh


Because Japan is Japan, they pranked a guy with a velociraptor. Welcome to the wonder of EXTREME RAPTOR PRANK.


Dinosaur Prank Terrifies Japanese Man


A dinosaur confronts an office worker in the hallway, generating a priceless reaction.


‘Pokemon The Origin’ Gets An Ashless, Redful Trailer

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Pokemon The Origin, a new anime TV series going back to the beginning to adapt Pokemon Red and Blue, is set to premiere in Japan. (Video)


Watch Guillermo Del Toro Be Rendered Speechless By A Giant Gundam

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Guillermo del Toro and 'Pacific Rim' stars Rinko Kikuchi, and Ashida Mana toured the Gundam Museum in Tokyo.


Bizarre Japanese Sushi Commercial


Here's the strangest sushi commercial you will ever see, courtesy of Japan.


Here’s A Fire-Breathing Bob Sapp Being Attacked By A Bunny In A Japanese Commercial

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If someone who fluently speaks Japanese would like to help me out that'd be great, but otherwise here's a commercial featuring a masked Bob Sapp 1) doing a Sharpshooter, 2) breathing fire (.


Japanese Toilet Candy


Eating this bizarre toilet-themed candy from Japan is an extremely tedious process.


I Will Defeat You, Air Hockey Robot

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There comes a time in every man's life when he suddenly realizes what he was born to do.


Munenori Kawasaki Sang ‘O Canada’ For Fans, Continues To Be The Happiest Guy In Baseball

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Remember before the Major League Baseball season began, when the Miami Marlins were like, “Hey, Toronto Blue Jays, would you like all of these good players that we signed to trick the city into giving us a new stadium.


Japan’s Yo-Yo National Champion Shows His Incredible Skills


Akitoshi Tokubuchi's winning routine at Japan's 2013 National Yo-Yo Competition will blow your mind.


Japanese Pommel Horse Sketch


This is, by far, the funniest pommel horse routine you'll ever watch.


‘Iron Man 3′ Going Smell-O-Vision In Japan

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'Iron Man 3' is going to be the first film screened in "4D" in Japan. Mmmm, smell the unbridled capitalism.


Shock The Monkey: Paralyzed Primate Fixed By Neural Bridge Implant


A formerly-paralyzed monkey is back in poop-flinging shape thanks to a new electronic bypass system which creates a neural bridge.


The Harlem Shake In Sports Is Dead, Long Live Whatever This New Meme Is Called

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Around the same time that someone in the New York Mets organization said, “<a href="">Hey we should do one of those Harlem Shake videos</a>”, the crazy kids of the Internet were already neck deep in the latest meme - Hadouken’ing or Kamehameha’ing, depending on whom you ask.

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