Munenori Kawasaki Sang ‘O Canada’ For Fans, Continues To Be The Happiest Guy In Baseball

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Remember before the Major League Baseball season began, when the Miami Marlins were like, “Hey, Toronto Blue Jays, would you like all of these good players that we signed to trick the city into giving us a new stadium.


Japan’s Yo-Yo National Champion Shows His Incredible Skills


Akitoshi Tokubuchi's winning routine at Japan's 2013 National Yo-Yo Competition will blow your mind.


Japanese Pommel Horse Sketch


This is, by far, the funniest pommel horse routine you'll ever watch.


‘Iron Man 3′ Going Smell-O-Vision In Japan

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'Iron Man 3' is going to be the first film screened in "4D" in Japan. Mmmm, smell the unbridled capitalism.


Shock The Monkey: Paralyzed Primate Fixed By Neural Bridge Implant


A formerly-paralyzed monkey is back in poop-flinging shape thanks to a new electronic bypass system which creates a neural bridge.


The Harlem Shake In Sports Is Dead, Long Live Whatever This New Meme Is Called

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Around the same time that someone in the New York Mets organization said, “<a href="">Hey we should do one of those Harlem Shake videos</a>”, the crazy kids of the Internet were already neck deep in the latest meme - Hadouken’ing or Kamehameha’ing, depending on whom you ask.


All The Cool Japanese Schoolgirls Are Recreating The Kamehameha Attack From ‘Dragon Ball’

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The Kamehameha attack pose from "Dragon Ball" is all the rage in Japan right now. Here's a collection of the finest recreations.

#the wolverine

Wolverine pioneering revolutionary new strategy of releasing film a few seconds at a time

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This week has been a busy one for the Wolverine: We're Calling It "The Wolverine" In The Hopes That You'll Forget About The Last One.


Grumpy Cat Cosplays Ron Swanson And Spock, Epic Tambourine Man, And Afternoon Links


Today's afternoon links, featuring Grumpy Cat dressed as Ron Swanson ('Parks and Recreation') and Spock, as well as Japan's epic tambourine player.


Please Watch This Ridiculous Japanese Domino’s Pizza Ad

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Domino's Pizza made an ad for a new phone app targeted toward customers in Japan. It is hilarious.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Perfect Jack Nicholson Impression


Leo shows off his Jack Nicholson eyebrows during a Japanese interview.


Japanese Game Show: Find The Chair


It's more hazardous than it sounds.


Sweet Dreams, Sailors: Squids Can Fly Up To 100 Feet Through The Air

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You know what could save us from those spiders raining from the sky in Brazil? Squids that can fly up to 100 feet through the air. We're saved/doomed!


Japanese Pop Star Forced To Shave Her Head, Record Tearful Apology For Having A Boyfriend

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Minami Minegishi, a member of J-pop group AKB48, had to shave her head and record an apology to friends for spending the night with a guy.


Introducing ‘Tailly’, The Robotic Tail That Lets Humans Express Emotion Like Dogs

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A Japanese man is trying to raise funds for Tailly, which is a robotic tail for humans to wear and express emotion like animals.


Holy Sh*t: The Worst Ski Jump Attempt Ever

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The adorable banner at the beginning of this video reads FLY UP HIGHER OUR JUMPERS.


Domino’s Rolls Out Mayonnaise Pizza In Japan, The ‘Mayo Potato Pizza’

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Fast food giant Domino's Pizza is testing out four new types of mayo-based pizzas in Japan, as the country has fallen in love with the condiment.

well at least its fairly normal for japan

Of Course Japan Has Developed A Cell Phone That Helps Guys Cheat On Their Wives And Girlfriends


Normally, if I saw a guy using a flip phone, I’d probably point and laugh while shouting, “Hey everyone, look at the loser with the flip phone.

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The 'World's Shortest Escalator' Is The Laziest Thing You'll See This Week

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In only a week, YouTube user <a href="">“hippykiller1”</a> – a handle after my own heart – has amassed more than 5.

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