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Jared Dudley Doubts The Lakers’ Future Because ‘Guys Don’t Want To Play With Kobe’


Jared Dudley says the Los Angeles Lakers can't attract free agents because most players don't want to play with Kobe Bryant

Jared Dudley

Watch Jared Dudley Forget How To Shoot A Basketball

Jared Dudley had a wide open corner three, and also had a hilarious brain fart.


Kevin Durant Blisters Jared Dudley With The Crossover

For the second consecutive game Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook again led the Thunder to a big, 112-118, win in their Western Conference Semifinal Friday night at Staples Center, wrestling home-court back the same way Indiana had done earlier in Washington.


Video: DeAndre Jordan Hurls Down The Furious Flush

The Clippers beat up on the Bobcats last night when they visited Staples Center, sparking some Clipper contender talk.


The 10 Most Impactful Roster Changes During The 2013 NBA Offseason

The NBA season is less than a month away, and training camps are now open around the country.


The 15 Best Frontcourts In The NBA

Frontcourts are the backbone of every successful NBA team.


The Top 20 Small Forwards In The NBA Right Now

NBA small forwards usually have that rare combination of skill, size and athleticism that makes them a terror to defend and a spectacle to watch.


The NBA’s 20 Best Role Players

The NBA is a league dominated by stars.


The 20 NBA Players You Must Follow On Twitter In 2013

Social media is at an all-time high among NBA athletes right now.


The Top 45 Small Forwards In Fantasy Basketball

While all of America is gearing up for fantasy football, we here at Dime feel that it's never too early for fantasy basketball draft preparation.


NBA Players Break Down Dwight Howard’s “Indecision” On Twitter

It was leaked earlier tonight that Dwight Howard finally made a choice on where he'd play next year.


Three-Way NBA Trade Sends Bledsoe To Suns, Redick To Clippers


As the sporting world waits for Dwightmare 2013 to come to an end, the rest of the league remains quite active.


NBA Trade News: Eric Bledsoe Traded as Part of Three-Team Deal


There have been Eric Bledsoe trade rumors popping up for months now after it became painfully clear that the Clippers were not going to be able to keep him and Chris Paul.


The Best Tweets, Videos & Hair From NBA Draft Night

The 2013 NBA Draft was possibly the wildest we've ever seen.


The Celtics Are 1 Game Away From Extinction; Stephen Curry & Ty Lawson Go Berserk

Sometimes in the NBA Playoffs, two squads will matchup and eventually it'll become so obvious who the better team is that even the players just have to give in.


The 5 Teammates & Coaches Who Owe Steve Nash The Most

Steve Nash became just the fifth player to record 10,000 assists last night, even as his disappointing Lakers team got manhandled by Houston's backcourt of James Harden and Jeremy Lin.

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