Snoop Dogg Owns Reddit Now, Literally

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The rapper just made a huge investment in the social news site.

My So Called Life

Checking In With The Cast Of ‘My So-Called Life’ 20 Angsty Years Later

By | 10 Comments

One of the best one-and-done shows of all-time, "My So-Called Life," premiered 20 years ago today. Let's see what the cast's up to.

#Jimmy Fallon

Here’s Jared Leto Having An ‘Intense Staredown’ With Jimmy Fallon


Jared Leto takes his whole Buddy Christ look to new heights by having a mountain top staredown with Jimmy Fallon.


‘Doctor Strange’ May Be Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Or Some Hot Chick

By | 24 Comments

Now that 'Doctor Strange' has a director, let's speculate about who will play the titular medical professional of unusual disposition.


Jared Leto's Oscars Acceptance Speech Was Cut Out Of The Russian Broadcast. Was It Because He Mentioned Ukraine?

By | 11 Comments

Jared Leto's Oscars acceptance speech didn't make it to the Russian broadcast. Did he keep it too real?


The 86th Academy Awards: Best And Worst, Winners And Losers, Blah Blah Blah

By | 50 Comments

Some of our favorite and least favorite moments from this year's Oscars. Thank God it's over.


Jared Leto Looked Like A Huge Turd Photobombing Anne Hathaway

By | 29 Comments

Jared Leto doing a photobomb is like when your mother discovered the word "bling."


Popular Website Engages In Nasty Shame Trolling, Calls Jared Leto And Michael Douglas Homophobic

By | 23 Comments inexplicably takes Jared Leto and Michael Douglas to task for their supposed homophobic remarks during their Golden Globes speeches last night.

#james franco

I Guess Someone Considered James Franco’s Sh*t

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You may remember that a week ago today, A24 released <a href="" target="_blank">a For Your Consideration video for James Franco</a>, urging awards voters to consider Franco's landmark "LOOK.


TRAILER: Dallas Buyers Club, starring McConaughey and Leto

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HIV Day on FilmDrunk continues with the release of the trailer for <a href="" target="_blank">Dallas Buyers Club</a>, starring Matthew McConaughey as a Texas good ol' boy who learns he's HIV positive and is given a month to live in 1986.


PICTURES: McConaughey gonna McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club

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It can be tough to explain my man-crush on Matthew McConaughey to people who haven't kept up with his epic run since late 2011 of Bernie, <a href="" target="_blank">Killer Joe</a>, Mud, and Magic Mike; and who still think of him as the guy from Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Fool's Gold.


A fan sent Jared Leto a severed ear (UPDATE)

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(See below for Update) Jared Leto recently revealed on a British radio show that a fan once sent him a severed ear.


Jared Leto Is Searching For Albinos On Twitter

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Jared Leto needs an albino to be in his glam rock band's new video. Elijah Wood should kick his ass for this.


Terry Richardson wanted to photograph something beautiful

By | 21 Comments

A while back we brought you <a href="" target="_blank">the first pictures</a> of Jared Leto playing an HIV-positive transvestite on the set of Dallas Buyer's Club.

skinny bitch

Jordan Catalano Debuts His New Starving Transexual Look

By | 5 Comments

Jared Leto shaved off most of his body hair and hasn't eaten anything in almost a month. SEXXXY!


Jared Leto's director wanted to destroy something beautiful

By | 13 Comments

Here's <a href="">Jared Leto in drag on the set of of Dallas Buyer's Club</a>, in which he stars opposite an <a href="" target="_blank">equally-freaky looking Matthew McConaughey</a>.


Jared Leto: Glam Rocker, Occasional Actor And…Tech Entrepreneur?

By | 5 Comments

Terry Richardson BFF, noted guyliner enthusiast and professional Avril Lavigne impersonator Jared Leto is so into tech stuff, you guys.


Week In Review: Television Will Never Be The Same Again


As a child I was taught never to laugh at anyone's misfortunes, but then 20 years later YouTube came along blew that whole idea to smithereens.

#Kanye West

30 Seconds To Mars Feat. Kanye West – “Hurricane”

By | 9 Comments

Let's take it to outerspace for a second--or thirty.

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