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‘Orange Is The New Black’ Will Be Gloriously Larry-Free In The Third Season

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Fans of Larry (all two of them) will be disappointed to learn that Jason Biggs won't be appearing in next season of 'OITNB.'

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Oregon Police Had To Rescue A Naked, Drunk Masturbator Who Fell Into A River

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This guy achieved the perfect trifecta of being intoxicated, naked and touching himself. #HERO


Jason Biggs Already Made A Bad Malaysian Airlines Joke And Had A Total Meltdown Over The Backlash It Caused

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What a surprise, Jason Biggs has already said something dumb and insensitive about the Malaysian Airlines crash.


A Guide To The Internet’s Love Of Hating Larry Bloom From ‘Orange Is The New Black’

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A fun pastime for fans of 'Orange is the New Black' has been to update Larry Bloom's character bio with hilariously mean insults.


Attention World: Jason Biggs Would Like To Tell You About His Kinky Sex Life Now

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Jason Biggs is here to tell you about the time his wife got him three prostitutes.


Jason Biggs Is Not A Fan Of Tara Reid’s Body

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Jason Biggs seems determined to make everybody hate him by making fun of Tara Reid.


Jason Biggs Tweets Jokes About Dead ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant, Basks In The Glow Of His Own Douchiness

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Jason Biggs rattled off cheap jokes at the expense of a dead guy, and then celebrated himself by retweeting the negative comments.


Jason Biggs Put Out An Expletive-Laden Anti-Sea World PSA For PETA

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Jason Biggs put out an anti-Sea World PSA for PETA, however we have conflicted feelings about it.


Kate Upton Already Had Her Super Bowl Party. For FASHION.


In Vogue's attempt to promote the Super Bowl, Kate Upton danced with Tracy Morgan, stole Michael Strahan's ring and stiff-armed Jason Biggs. For FASHION.

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Nickelodeon calls promoting Jason Biggs’ Twitter account ‘A mistake.’

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Bear with me, folks, this one requires a journey deep down the rabbit hole.


Here Comes Jason Biggs And The Fake 'Magic Mike' Audition Videos

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When not taking a wholly unnecessary trip to the American Pie cash machine, Jason Biggs is still trying to make sincere, earnest films like Grassroots.


The Feud You Didn't Ask For: Jason Biggs Vs. Jason Russell (the naked Kony guy)

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I guess if you’re going to try to get free press for your first relevant movie in four years, there’s no better way to do it than kicking a naked man while he’s down.


American Reunion has a new new trailer

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Propelled to fame by the massive success of American Pie when they were just youngins, the cast of the original has spent the past 10 years or so going their own way, with levels of success ranging from starring in an Oscar-winning film (Chris Klein, Election; Mena Suvari, American Beauty) to getting evicted from Michael Rapaport's apartment and threatening to f*ck a dog (Natasha Lyonne).


I feel bad for the actress who plays ‘not-hot girl’ in the new American Reunion trailer

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American Reunion has a new trailer out, and it looks like Stifler is up to his old tricks again.


American Reunion trailer: Still wankin’ after all these years

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The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here.


Tara Reid got paid. …A fraction of everyone else.

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Getting the logistics together to make a new America Pie movie was no easy task for Universal, and I'm sure will one day be the subject of an Entertainment Weekly cover story about how those heroes managed to milk blood from a rightfully dead franchise when all the h8erzz said it would never work.


Pie-Humper’s wife bought him a beej from a hooker

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I'm sure I'll have lots of thoughtful analysis and exciting updates about Charlie Kaufman and the Dogme 95 filmmakers coming up later today, but in the meantime, here's a story about the dude from American Pie's wife buying him a hooker (I know you'd be reading it anyway).


The American Pie Gang’s All Back Together, Sorta

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Universal has released the first pictures and teaser (which consists of a series of still pictures - watch it below) for American Reunion.

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