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NBA Players React On Twitter To Donald Sterling’s Lifetime Ban


Earlier this afternoon in a live news conference, Adam Silver announced he has banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and is fully committed to forcing him to sell his franchise.


Jason Collins Met Matthew Shepard’s Parents In Denver Last Night


After last night's win in Denver, Jason Collins met with Matthew Shepard's family and gave them his autographed No. 98 jersey.


Keith Olbermann Remembers Glenn Burke, The Actual 1st Openly Gay Athlete in Major Sports

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Keith Olbermann got personal (and rational) to talk Glenn Burke, the man who was the 1st openly gay athlete in major sports 30 years before Jason Collins.


Report: Brooklyn Nets Sign Jason Collins


The Brooklyn Nets made history today after signing free agent center Jason Collins to a 10-day contract.

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Jason Collins & Liars in Ties


While doing research for another column here at Dime, I had a sudden thought out of the blue: "Has Jason Collins signed with anyone.

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ESPN Releases Official Statement About Putting A Homophobe On TV To Talk About Gay Athletes

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ESPN released a statement regarding Chris Broussard's comments on homosexuality.


Josh Smith’s Love/Hate Relationship With Atlanta Goes To Another Level; Metta World Peace Calls Out Charles Barkley


The complex layers of the relationship between Josh Smith, Atlanta fans and NBA fans at large run deep, and they've been there throughout his entire career.

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Of Course ESPN's Chris Broussard Said Something Dumb About Jason Collins. Of Course.

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ESPN's Chris Broussard believes that Jason Collins revealing that he's gay is an "open rebellion to God."


The Left-Wing Elitist Media Whatever Guide To Jason Collins Coming Out

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NBA center Jason Collins came out today via magazine cover (the best way to come out, I think, if you have that luxury), and I encourage you to read everything you can about it.

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Meet Jason Collins, America’s First Openly Gay Major Team Sport Professional Athlete

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Journeyman NBA center Jason Collins has come out of the closet, making him the 1st active pro athlete playing a major team sport in America to do so.

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Center Jason Collins Is NBA’s First Openly Gay Player

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After 12 seasons in the NBA, Jason Collins recently penned a story that appears in the May 6 issue of Sports Illustrated where he announced he is gay.

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The Top 5 Twins In NBA History

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The trade deadline came and went without the same kind of hoopla that fans have been accustomed to, to the degree that the biggest name moved was J.

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NBA Fantasy Basketball: Winners & Losers Of The Trade Deadline


The NBA trade deadline can make or break your fantasy team.


Rajon Rondo Finds His Groove; The Denver Crazies Get A ‘W’


It took a couple of hours, but Rajon Rondo finally found his groove in the fourth quarter of Boston's overtime 90-84 mercy win over ailing Atlanta.

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Watch The Throne: 12 “What Could’ve Been” NBA Combos

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If I wasn't so out of touch with reality, I probably would've started hating on Watch The Throne.


The Most Thankless Man In The NBA

By | 10 Comments

As a diehard Nets fan growing up, some of my favorite memories as a child are watching the Nets of the 2000s.


Keys Open Doors: 8 Non-All-Stars That Will Decide The First Round

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It's tired and cliché but it's still true: the playoffs are a different animal than the regular season.

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