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Mayhem Miller’s Latest Arrest Happened Over Snapchat

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Jason Mayhem Miller got arrested for the third time in a month on 9/9, this time for sending an "I love you" message on Snapchat.

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The Mayhem Miller Quote Machine Rolls On As He Called The UFC Fake

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Despite the fact that he is involved in an ongoing court case over accusations of domestic violence, mixed martial arts fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller <a href="" target="_blank">granted an interview with Adam Brennan at SciFighting</a> during a trip to a tattoo parlor last week.


Mayhem Miller’s Statement About His Domestic Abuse Arrest Is … Uh, Concerning

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Earlier this week, we reported that former UFC fighter "Jason Mayhem" Miller <a href="" target="_blank">had been arrested on a domestic violence charge</a>.


Mayhem Miller Got Arrested For Domestic Abuse (And Got An Apology From The Internet)

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Remember when former UFC fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller <a href="" target="_blank">got all crazy with Ariel Helwani</a>, broke his toys and stormed off the MMA Hour set, but it was okay because he was just "acting.


The Harsh, Unforgiving Prison of Mayhem Miller’s Armpit

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I'm an only child, but I've seen enough Home Alone movies to know that terrorizing and fighting your brothers and sisters are normal parts of human adolescence.



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It's not everyday that someone that's spent his life in front of a computer would encounter someone as badass as MMA's Jason "Mayhem" Miller, but that's what happened when Miller visited the campus of Electronic Arts to see his incarnation in their new MMA game.

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