Truth of the Matter

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Call it a motivational tactic or simply of moment of brutal honesty, but Doc Rivers delivered what had to be a sobering blow for the Celtics yesterday: "One of the guys said, 'We're better than Orlando,' and I said, 'No, you're not.


This Trade Has To Happen: Ray Allen For Kevin Martin & Andres Nocioni

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I'm sorry Celtics fans, but the Big Three as we know it could soon be coming to an end.


NBA Trade Rumor: Jason Thompson To The Bobcats

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With the NBA Trade Deadline less than three weeks away, you knew that the rumors were going to start to heat up.


Intern Has More Game Than Jason Thompson And Donte Greene

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Being that they're young, rich NBA players, we can't imagine it's too hard for Jason Thompson and Donte Greene of the Sacramento Kings to pull some good looking girls.


Who Would You Like To See In NBA Jam?

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Since hearing about the relaunch of NBA Jam last week, the talk of the office has been which players are going to make it in the game.


What I Learned from the NBA Last Week

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Working at Dime Magazine, a ton of headlines, news and opinions pass through our website each week.


Take it to the Limit

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If only we could all be like Tony Montana in Scarface with the multiple-screen setup of TV's at the crib, because Saturday night's NBA schedule was too hectic to follow with just one clicker.


Martell Webster Unleashes On Jason Thompson

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Martell Webster loves to shoot the long ball.

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NBA Hit List power ranking, 12.14

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Ranking the NBA from worst to first.


Game of the Weak

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Saturday's NBA schedule featured one double-overtime game, one single-overtime game, the League's best team having its 11-game win streak snapped, a matchup of probably the 2nd and 3rd-best teams in the West that included a huge comeback, and a rematch of 2009's most exciting playoff series.


Most Improved NBA Player by Division

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Here's a list of guys that have stepped up their game this season and in turn are catching the attention of a few more eyeballs.


Veteran’s Day

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After Rajon Rondo and Michael Beasley put their stamp on last night's Heat/Celtics game (more on that later), the old guys took over when it mattered most.


It’s a Fantasy Thanksgiving: Turkeys and Gratitude

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Here's a nod to the wonderful celebration of gluttony affectionately known as Thanksgiving.


Jason Thompson Wants A Yacht And Twitter Followers For Christmas

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After only winning 17 games last season, the Sacramento Kings are off to a much better start this year, at 3-4.


NBA Hit List power ranking, 11.2

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The worst part about preseason polls is that voters adopt a loyalty to those pre-determined spots even after the season shows us some of those picks were just wrong.

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Old-Fashioned Butt Cooking

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Breaking down the first-week performances of the serious 2010 title contenders, Spurs announcer Sean Elliott messed up his words and said the Lakers took an "old-fashioned butt cooking" from the Mavs on Friday night.

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5 Sophomores You Need To Watch

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They fetched donuts, they rode the pine at times and they got their feet wet.


The Wait Is Over (For Some)

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Even though there was no NBA game action last night, there was tons of activity in the League.

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