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REPORT: CBS Approached John Oliver About Hosting A Late Night Show

By | 13 Comments

Anticipating it might have a hole to fill in its late night lineup, CBS approached John Oliver about hosting a show last summer, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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Jay Leno Made His First Post-Retirement TV Appearance On … Arsenio?

By | 7 Comments

Jay Leno appeared on television for the first time in 20 days, and chose an odd venue to make his first appearance.


In Case You Were Wondering, ‘Philadelphia Magazine’ Is Taking A Firm Pro Fallon-Hating Stance

By | 45 Comments

If this guy devoted as much energy in hating Jimmy Fallon into something else, he could probably cure cancer.


Remember That Time Jay Leno Played A VD Clinic Patient On An Episode Of ‘Good Times’?

By | 2 Comments

Jay Leno played a VD clinic patient on a 1976 episode of "Good Times." It's probably the most important work Jay Leno has ever done.


Everyone From Oprah To Kim Kardashian Bid Farewell To Jay Leno In This Musical Number

By | 4 Comments

The most Leno-esque group of famous people sang a song for Jay Leno.

david letterman

What’s On Tonight: Last Week Or Not, Letterman Outbooks Leno Again

By | 16 Comments

Letterman trumps Leno's late night slate again, plus new 'Workaholics' and 'Suburgatory'


By The Numbers: Jay Leno’s Top Joke Targets During His Era On ‘The Tonight Show’

By | 15 Comments

The ten most frequent targets of Jay Leno's (bad) jokes during his 22 years as host of 'The Tonight Show.'


David Letterman Details A Phone Call With Jay Leno, Talks JLaw & Justin Bieber With Howard Stern

By | 6 Comments

David Letterman was on Howard Stern's Birthday Bash, and talked Leno, JLaw, Bieber, Carson, and the Oprah feud.


Jay Leno’s Still Bitter About The Conan O’Brien Debacle, Not Exactly Thrilled To Be Leaving Now

By | 72 Comments

In an interview with '60 Minutes,' Leno admits he was 'blindsided' by NBC's decision to let him go in 2009 and didn't like being depicted as the villain.


Here’s Jay Leno Talking Comedy, Cars, And The Mob With Jerry Seinfeld

By | 7 Comments

Jay Leno opens up to Jerry Seinfeld about his career, performing for gangsters and never having coffee before in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


Louis C.K. Revealed The Secret To Being In Love, Announced An Intriguing Project On ‘The Tonight Show’

By | 4 Comments

Louis C.K. talked to Jay Leno about everything from love to diarrhea to the latest project to be released on his website.


NBC Reveals ‘OMG Controversial’ First Promos For ‘The Tonight Show’ And ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

By | 18 Comments

NBC accused of 'rewriting history' for failing to mention the rough transition from Jay Leno to Conan O'Brien and back to Jay Leno.

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Jeff Zucker Wants Us To All Have More Jay Leno In Our CNN, Apparently

By | 12 Comments

CNN honcho Jeff Zucker has reportedly offered Jay Leno a late night show on the cable news network. Oh God no please no.


Quentin Tarantino’s Next Film Will Be A Western, But Not Like ‘Django Unchained’

By | 34 Comments

On last night's The Tonight Show, Quentin Tarantino told Jay Leno that his next movie will also be a Western, but not a sequel to 'Django Unchained.'


A Woman Is Suing Jay Leno After He Accused Her Of Bestiality

By | 11 Comments

Jay Leno made a joke about a woman loving her animals a bit TOO much. Now she's suing him.

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Jaimie Alexander Discussed Her Dress Seen ‘Round The World With Pervy Jay Leno

By | 19 Comments

Jaimie Alexander wore a very revealing dress. Jay Leno wanted to talk about it.

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