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Why Has ‘Saturday Night Live’ Been So Bad At Sports Parody In Recent Years?

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Despite all of its glaring problems, 'Saturday Night Live' continues to suffer the most when it comes to executing strong sports satire.

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Kanye West Called Jay Pharoah To Let Him Know He Didn’t Appreciate Being Made Fun Of At The MTV VMAs

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"We ain't gonna have no black comedians going up on stage spoofing the people that's working hard to open doors not only for black people."

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British Photographer Amanda De Cadenet Took A Bunch Of Classy Backstage MTV VMA Portraits

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Here's a bunch of backstage portraits from the VMAs and no one even showed their butts or boobs or lit up a joint. Success!

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Jay Pharoah Is Dealing With All Of His Issues In The New Music Video For ‘Problems’

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'Saturday Night Live' star Jay Pharoah teamed up with Above Average again for the music video for his new rap song, 'Problems.'


Jay Pharoah And Bobby Moynihan Attempt To Impress Drake With Their Beats In These New ‘SNL’ Promos

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We'll always have Jay Pharoah and Bobby Moynihan trying to convince Drake that they drop sick beats.

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Lorne Michaels Held Secret Auditions With Black Females To Be Cast Members On ‘Saturday Night Live’

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The Internet demanded it, and it looks like Lorne Michaels has responded, by auditioning a group of black, female Groundlings to join SNL.


Jay Pharoah To ‘SNL': Where The Black Women At?

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Jay Pharoah thinks "SNL" should have hired a black female. We do, too.

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Jay Pharoah Does Kanye West Better Than Kanye West Does Kanye West

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Is there anyone out there doing impressions better than Jay Pharoah right now? His Kanye West is near-perfect.

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Jay Pharoah: I Am A Dog (Kanye West Parody)


Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah performs a canine-themed parody of Kanye West's "I Am A God.

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Jay Pharoah Does Awkward Jay-Z Impression At 2013 ESPY Awards

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<a href="">Jay-Z</a> was most likely too busy touring and doing the family thing to attend the ESPYs, but that’s okay because the show’s producers got SNL comic Jay Pharoah to replace the sports agent.

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Jay Pharoah’s Impression Of Lil Wayne Is Absolutely Perfect

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It's no secret that Jay Pharoah is very good at impressions. But his Lil Wayne impression is some next level sh*t.


Jay Pharoah Did Stephen A. Smith Again, So Watch It Immediately

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There are two things you should click without reading on With Leather: posts about Kate Upton, and instances of Jay Pharoah doing his Stephen A.

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SNL Covered The Super Bowl Blackout And Jay Pharoah Should Be Shannon Sharpe Forever

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<a href="" target="_blank">Warming Glow</a> usually handles weekly recaps of Saturday Night Live right after it airs.


SNL: Jay Pharoah Debuts as Barack Obama


Jay Pharoah got his first crack at impersonating Barack Obama during the cold open of last night's season premiere of Saturday Night Live, discussing his race against Mitt Romney (Jason Sudeikis) and Paul Ryan (Taran Killam).

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'SNL' Will Finally Let Jay Pharoah Do That Thing He Does Really Well

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After four years of Fred Armisen portraying Barack Obama, 'Saturday Night Live' will finally replace him with Jay Pharoah.


Stephen A. Smith Just Realized What's So Hilarious About Stephen A. Smith

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Yesterday, we shared with you comedian <a href="" target="_blank">Jay Pharoah's epic, pitch-perfect takedown of Stephen A. Smith</a> during Saturday night's Weekend Update segment on SNL.


Miguel Tejada Works Well In Either Adaptation


Saturday Night Live isn't always on the cutting edge of comedy and "baseball = steroids" isn't the most creative joke, but I couldn't help but enjoy this Moneyball parody from Saturday's show.

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Jay Pharoah Does The Best (Insert Black Celebrity Here) Impression Ever


Jay Pharoah just completed <a href="" target="blank">his first season as the other black guy on SNL</a>, which began with a ton of promise when he did a masterful Denzel Washington in <a href="" target="blank">an Unstoppable parody</a> that was one of the best bits of the entire season.

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