Lax Bros Are Pissed At Jay Z For Calling Them Soft In DJ Khaled’s New Song

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Jay Z will never play Duke again after comments he made about lacrosse in a new song.


DJ Khaled Cuts WWE-Style Promo Letting The World Know Jay Z Is On His First Single

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DJ Khaled went full DJ Khaled. And when Khaled goes full Khaled, we all win.


Here Are Beyonce & Jay Z’s ‘On The Run’ Summer Stadium Tour Dates


What was recent rumor is now official: Beyonce and Jay Z are ‘On The Run.’

Concerts And Tours

It’s Official: Beyonce And Jay Z Announce “On The Run” Tour Dates

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Music power couple set to hit the road together for the first time.


Ten Bucks Says Drake Is Already Sitting On A Lint Roller Joke For The ESPYs


Drake was caught lint-rolling his pants during an NBA playoff game and that has somehow become a news story.


Engineer Boldly Tries To Extort Jay Z, Just Blaze Responds

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<em>"I'm way too important to be talking about extorting..."</em>

amy winehouse

Vintage American Advertisements, Now Featuring The World’s Biggest Music Stars

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Kanye West as Rosie the Riveter? Kurt Cobain pushing a drive-in restaurant? Only in David Redon's "Ads Libitum" series.


The NBA Playoffs Begin Today And The City Of Toronto Has Drawn First Blood

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The Toronto Sun, Masai Ujiri and Drake all put on for their city today. And it backfired. Miserably.


Who Will Watch Blue Ivy When Beyoncé And Jay Z Go On Tour Together?


Rumor has it that Beyoncé and Jay Z are looking for the world's most expensive babysitter for Blue Ivy this summer.


Jay Z And Beyonce Are Reportedly Going On Tour Pretty Soon… Together

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It may be the proof needed to confirm that Beyonce really is a robot.

coachella 2014

And Here’s Video Of Nas’ Full Coachella Set With Appearances By Jay Z, Puffy

By | 22 Comments

The best from QB and BK reunite on stage on day two of the CA music festival.


The Internet Says This Jay Z Song Is New AND It Comes From An Album Dropping ‘Soon’


This probably isn’t a random increase in Internet visibility for Mr. Beyonce, but a strategic one as rumors say Jay is working on a new album.


The Internet Says This Jay Z Song Is New AND It Comes From An Album Dropping “Soon”

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Jay Z's been having a good time on the Internet the past couple of weeks.


50 Cent: My G-Unit Sneakers Outsold Jay’s Reeboks Six To One

By | 22 Comments

Curtis says he's a better shoe salesman than Jigga.

chris rock

Rick Rubin Claims Chris Rock Was The Inspiration For Jay Z's '99 Problems'


A suggestion from Chris Rock inspired Jay Z to write "99 Problems."

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