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Here’s The Stellar Lineup For Jazz Fest 2014


Jazz Fest in New Orleans is one of the best music festivals going. They announced their 2014 lineup this morning.

new orleans

The 2013 Jazz Fest Lineup Has Been Announced, And It’s Awesome


The lineup for the 2013 Jazz Fest was announced this morning, and it's OUTSTANDING.


This Music Festival Attendee Infographic Isn't Scientific, But It's Pretty Damn Spot-On


Since, with the exception of Bonnaroo, I've been to all of the music festivals featured in this Funny or Die infographic, I feel completely qualified to comment on its accuracy, and it is nearly spot-on.


Jazz Fest 2012 Weekend One: A Recap


On Friday afternoon I slammed my laptop shut right at 4 central time and booked it to the Fairgrounds to catch Bon Iver and The Beach Boys on the opening day of Jazz Fest 2012.

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Eddie Vedder Postpones U.S. Tour Due To Illness

If you were looking forward to catching Eddie Vedder perform on his solo tour in the coming weeks -- as I was looking forward to at Jazz Fest -- you're going to have to wait a little longer, if you're lucky, as nerve damage resulting from a back injury has forced the Pearl Jam frontman to postpone or cancel some dates.

tour cancellations

John Mayer Cancels U.S. Tour, Suspends Career 'Indefinitely' Due To 'Granuloma In His Throat'


John Mayer hasn't toured in a while due to lingering throat issues, and it looks like it may be even longer before he does: a press release I just received from the Jazz Fest press office says that he's having to cancel his upcoming U.

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The Fake Coachella Lineup Poster Is Way Better Than The Real One


When the lineup for Coachella 2012 (the tickets for which just went on sale, btw) was announced, I meant to post about it but then forgot and then the next day was all, "Well the lineup for this year's Jazz Fest is better anyway.

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Foo Fighters Concert Causes Minor Earthquake Tremors In New Zealand


A few weeks ago I went to a Foo Fighters concert in New York at Madison Square Garden and it was honestly one of the a$s-kickingest shows I've seen in a while -- I thought the roof was gonna come off the place at various points.

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Lauryn Hill Was A Hot Mess At Jazz Fest


On Saturday evening I was at Jazz Fest watching The Strokes -- who started their set 15 minutes and late and finished 15 minutes early -- perform at Jazz Fest when I received the following text from a friend who was watching Lauryn Hill at one of the other of the festival's many stages: "Lauryn Hill is going insane before my very eyes.

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