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So It Begins: Amazon Plans To Deliver Items In 30 Minutes Or Less With Drones

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Amazon has unveiled Prime Air, their plan to eventually deliver some packages within 30 minutes via Amazon drones.


Should-Have-Been-Fired-A-Long-Time-Ago Washington Post Columnist Is Basically Daring Jeff Bezos To Fire Him Now

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Richard Cohen think it's "conventional" to want to gag at the thought of interracial marriage. Meanwhile, I just gagged at the thought of Richard Cohen.


Why Jeff Bezos Just Bought The Washington Post

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A noted futurist just bought a newspaper. But why?

maybe print isn't dead

Amazon Founder & CEO Jeff Bezos Is Buying The Washington Post For $250-Million


Jeff Bezos is buying the Washington Post for $250-million. Maybe print isn't dead after all?


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos May Have Found Apollo 11′s Rocket Engines


The engines that took us to the moon might just have been discovered, thanks to Jeff Bezos.


‘Digital Performance Artist’ Will Attempt To Drive Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Insane With Email Spam


A performance artist has configured his Kindle to send Jeff Bezos an email every time he makes a bookmark, and it's oddly hilarious.


Is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Developing An Air Bag For Mobile Phones?


The <a href="">Wall Street Journal went digging around in the patents</a> Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has filed over the years and discovered this gem in the process.

jeff bezos

You Can Now Buy An Amazon Kindle For $79


Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos introduced the company's newest products this morning that may be of interest to you guys: <a href="">a tablet called the Kindle Fire</a> that's built to be their iPad challenger, a $149 Kindle Touch 3G that works in 100 countries with no contract or monthly fees for free 3G wireless, a $99 Kindle Touch, and a pocket-sized, non-touch version of the Kindle that sells for $79.

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