On Richie Incognito And Understanding The Humiliation Of Miami Dolphins Fans

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As the Miami Dolphins are embarrassed by this Richie Incognito, here's a fan perspective on what it's like to deal with chaos season after season.


Dolphins Fans Are Doing The Occupy Thing

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Yesterday we touched on <a href="">the fury of a growing number of Miami Dolphins fans</a> with the team’s GM Jeff Ireland, and how the first step in this united fan coup was roughing up the guy’s Wikipedia page.


The Miami Dolphins Are A Laughing Stock

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, injecting my personal sports allegiances into this general sports humor site, Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland (above L) is a walking disaster.


Jeff Ireland Gets Extension For Sucking

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What do you give an NFL GM who was talked about this past offseason not for making good moves, but for <a href="">asking if a draft choice's mom was the kind of woman who charges $5 handies</a>.

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