You Won’t Believe What Miami Marlins President David Samson Calls His ‘Claim To Fame’ In His ‘Survivor’ Profile

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On his contestant profile for the new season of 'Survivor,' Miami Marlins President David Samson brags about how he got stadium funding during a recession.


Best Thing You’ll Watch Today: Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez’s Heartwarming Reunion With His Grandmother

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Must watch: Miami Marlins pitcher and NL rookie of the year Jose Fernandez had an emotional reunion with the grandmother he left in Cuba six years ago.

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The Miami Marlins Are Giving Out Fedoras For Father’s Day

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On Sunday, most people will take a break from their typical weekend fodder of getting blackout drunk and screaming, “Sunday Funday.


Things Are Going Great For The Marlins

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With Day 1 of the 6,456 day baseball season approaching quickly, young players are busting their asses to try to make opening day rosters, while the savvy veterans are trying just hard enough to make sure they don’t split their pants on routine fly balls.


Miami Marlins Fans Near Riot As Single Game Tickets Go On Sale

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The Miami Marlins invited their fans to their special Winter Warm-Up event on Saturday, presumably with cards that read, “Giancarlo Stanton may hate us, but he’s still here”, and it went about as well as you’d expect.


The Miami Marlins Fan Protest That Depressed The Entire Sports World

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Remember earlier this year when a dozen or so Miami Dolphins fans showed up to Joe Robbie Pro Player Sun Life their stadium <a href="http://kissingsuzykolber.uproxx.com/2012/04/a-look-inside-jeff-irelands-draft-day-process.html">to protest the ongoing employment of general manager Jeff Ireland</a> and everyone was like, “Awwwww, those poor fans think they can make Stephen Ross make good decisions”.


Hoo Boy, The Internet Really, Really Hates Miami Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria

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If you didn’t see enough of it last night as the news initially broke, you’re going to see plenty of columns, editorials and fiery rants today about how Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is a scumbag because he is willingly killing his second baseball franchise because he’s horrible at what he does.


The Dugout: It Came To Me In A Dream

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One of <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/tag/the-dugout">The Dugout's</a> favorite recurring characters over the last seven years (holy crap) has been art dealer and owner of the Florida Miami Marlins Jeffrey Loria.


The Dugout: Bienvenido Oz Miami

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Yesterday, we shared with you the news that beloved (cough) Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2011/09/ozzie-guillen-is-taking-his-talents-to-south-beach">parted ways with the organization</a> because he couldn't fly to Spain on their dime and wanted a bigger boat.


The Dugout: Old Man and The Sea

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Major League Baseball in Florida has turned into my family.


The Dugout: Diamond Dishes

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From the illegal aliens working in the kitchens of baseball's biggest stars comes <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Diamond-Dishes-Kitchens-Baseballs-Biggest/dp/0762769629">"Diamond Dishes,"</a> a cookbook written by the wife of the monstrous, colored-lenses troll who owns the Florida Marlins.



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One of Major League Baseball's priorities this off-season is to get a new stadium deal completed for the oft-maligned Florida Marlins.


Joe Girardi Got Fired


Northwestern alum <a href="http://sports.aol.com/mlb/story/_a/marlins-fire-girardi-over-rift-with/20061003111109990001?cid=1690">Joe Girardi got fired</a> for having the gall to politely confront Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria two months ago.

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