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This Crazy Drunken Super Bowl Party Had 750 Jell-O Shots And A Penis-Shaped Ice Luge

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'Morgan's Epic Jell-O Shot Challenge Super Bowl Party BBQ' was probably more fun than your Super Bowl party.


Jell-O Is The Best At Cheating At Social Media


Jell-O's New "Fun My Life" campaign brilliantly takes advantage of the always popular FML or "F*ck My Life" meme.


Everyone In San Francisco Gets Free Pudding Because The 49ers Lost The Super Bowl

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There was plenty for San Francisco 49ers fans to be bummed about in Super Bowl 47, from Colin Kaepernick throwing the first interception in the team’s glorious Super Bowl history to the team losing its first Super Bowl in six appearances to the questionable no-call on the possible holding on their 4th down play to the Ravens seemingly being offside on the 49ers’ 2-point conversion attempt that would have tied the game to not having Huey Lewis and the News involved at all.


Which Group-Buying Website Will Come Out On Top?

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Last week Google offered to buy Groupon for the sextuply cool amount of six billion dollars.

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